The Nether

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You can enter The Nether by using portals. Nether Fortresses are the only place (aside from other people's chests) that you can find Blaze Rods and Nether Wart.

The Nether

Pro-Tips for Visiting The Nether

Don't build portals inside your base, as someone might come through it and find you.

Always carry 10 spare obsidian and a flint and steel so you can't get trapped in the nether.

Deactivate your portals behind you (destroy a single non-corner block) so that another player can't follow you through. Reactivate it next time you want to use it, then turn off the other side once you are through.

Keep spare Nether Warts once you have them, so that you can't lose the ability to make more.

Stuck on top of the nether?

This exploit has been fixed. We have also further restricted access to the nether roof. If you find yourself on the nether roof you will need an Administrator to rescue you.

Due to a exploitable bug in Minecraft, sometimes you log in on top of the area where you logged out.

This is annoying, and occasionally fatal; however, in the nether it can be quite useful. It is possible to get above the bedrock ceiling at the top of the Nether, and since the height limit has been increased, you can run along the bedrock layer, then build a portal to get back to the overworld.