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A list of the commands that can be used by Moderators to enforce these rules are available at the Server Commands Article

Modified client

This section refers to things like kill aura, reach cheats, no-fall, flying and speed cheats. Most of these can be checked by administrators through the use of NoCheat (/nocheat playerinfo <playername>), or the NoCheat warnings that appear whenever the plugin detects something unusual. NoCheat isn't perfect, but if a person has a high score against their name in some of the rows, chances are higher that they're using that type of cheat. The odd false-positive is expected, especially in high lag situations such as xp grinding, or where there are glitches such as jumping into or out of a boat, or on falling sand, and also due to cpu spiking problems. Permanent ban is to be issued for confirmed offenders, and these can be investigated through usage of Spectate and witnessing the events firsthand. In these situations, it is also useful to check diamond ore breakages. Moderators suspecting cheating players should report them to an administrator, or in cases where it is obvious (witnessed first hand or captured on video) should apply a ban and report it immediately via moderator message for follow-up.


This section refers to x-raying for Diamonds, Containers, or any form of base (netherwart farms, general bases). The punishment is a Permanent Ban. These are appealable, just in case there is any extra evidence to be found and full investigations should be carried out by an administrator. Interrogation of the player is useful where there is any reasonable doubt. Obtaining specific details about the players actions is especially useful in cases of base x-raying, where nametags may have been visible. If the x-rayer is still present, checks should be made on the number of diamonds in his inventory, and these should be traced through the use of Prism. Several situations have occured recently where someone used a stolen account to x-ray for diamonds, and passed these along to another account. X-rayed diamonds should be destroyed.

Compromised Accounts

This section refers to accounts that have been stolen and are now being used by spam-nets or other cheating players as an Alternate account. On arrival, the account will usually trigger mcbouncer to inform you of several bans. If possible, please verify that the account is compromised, and permanently ban it. Any list of compromised accounts that we find will be imported into the MCBouncer database. Appeals are possible in the cases that a compromised account has been re-claimed by it's legitimate owner.

In-Game Chat

Manual spam

These are relatively minor infractions. Please warn the player before any other actions are taken. If the player continues to spam the chat, a mute period should be used, and if that fails to deter them or they continue to spam through use of remote actions or private messages a kick, or a short temporary ban will serve as a further warning. If the user continues to spam the in-game chat, a longer temporary ban may be applied by either administrators or moderators. Moderators can discuss these matters in the Mods channel in-game, or in Slack to agree amongst themselves on the length of mute or temporary ban.

Speaking in Caps

This section refers to cases of excessive use of caps only. A few sentences shouldn't be a problem, and abbreviations are sometimes necessary for communication. Most of these cases can be handled as per Manual Spam in the section above.

Racism, Sexism, or Hate Speech

This section refers to personal, racial, sexual or religious insults, harrassment or acts of intolerance. This is a rather tough guideline to lay out adequately, as what could be said as a joke between two friends can be massively offensive to another person. We expect some level of insulting as per the Server Rules, but taken too far it just becomes bullying and harrassment. A warning should be given in the first instance. If the player continues to offend a kick should be given as an additional warning that these sorts of things will not be tolerated. Continued harrassment will lead to a longer term temporary or permanent ban, depending on the situation.

Spamming or revealing of personal information about other players

This section refers to the public dissemination of personal information about other players to the general minecraft chat, in the subreddit, in the forums, on the Wiki, on team-speak or in IRC. As per the Server Rules, this is a bannable offense. Give a warning, and then apply a ban if the player(s) ignore it. If the information is in a post on the forum or in the subreddit, the information should be removed by someone that has the ability to do so.

Automatic Spam

This section refers to automatic chat spam, either en-masse through a bot-net, or in cases where the user has a spamming client installed in order to advertise other servers. These offenses should always be met with a ban. This ban can be appealed in cases where someone's account was hijacked and they have now reclaimed it, but care should be taken that the player is not using a stolen account, and that have have in fact re-claimed this account themselves and changed the password.

Alternate accounts, proxies and VPNs

This section refers to the use of alternate accounts, proxies and VPNs being used to re-join the game when you have died. For illegitimate deaths (judged by an administrator) the proper course of action is for a moderator message to be sent through the subreddit for follow-up, and an alternate account should not be used in the meantime. These cases should be handled by an administrator, as they have the necessary tools to check IP address matches and investigate player actions. In cases that a player has admitted to coming back on an alt either unintentionally, the rule should be explained and the alternate account should be banned. For intentional mis-use of alternate accounts, all of the players accounts should be banned. IP bans are not suggested, as the more alts they use, the more we can ban and the less stolen accounts we will see being used in future.

For administrator investigations, try to ensure that the account is actually an alternate. There are some legitimate cases of LAN parties, house mates, families and college dormitories. Usually if a player has died, and then a new account appears it is a good idea to check for alternate accounts. If any of the alternate accounts have been x-raying it is a good idea to carry out a check on them all, even in a confirmed house-sharing situation.

In extreme cases of multiple alternate accounts or stolen accounts, a specific IP ban may be useful.

In-game Exploits


Shooting arrows or throwing potions from within safe-zones to hurt other users is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. In cases that players have been recently engaged in PvP and are both ducking back into Spawn some leniency can be given, as during combat it is easy to lose track of where you are.

Pushing another player from a safe environment (e.g. spawn) into a non-safe environment, whether they are present or AFK in order to attack or kill them will result in a month ban.

Login protection abuse

Login-invulnerability is no longer a factor this topic will remain for reference This section refers to the abuse of login-invulnerability to survive a fall or lava, either naturally occuring or in a player-made trap. The player should be killed with the /hardcore slay command, and as such such be issued by an Administrator. If an administrator is not present, a tempban should be applied, and a Moderator Message should be sent. In these sorts of situations, players are permitted to log out and ask other players for help with removal of lava or placing of water, while they remain logged off.

Use of login invulnerability to kill another player should result in a longer-term ban.

Combat Logging

Combat Logging is prevented by the Combat Tag plugin. In cases where a the plugin is disabled, the player should be killed through use of the /hardcore slay command by an administrator.


Spawn-killing is allowed, however tricking other players into terminating their campfire protection in order to kill them is not and offending players will be banned for a month.

Legitimate Deaths


Setting yourself AFK is risky. In the vast majority of situations, these will not be unbanned just because you weren't watching your screen.

Experience Grinders

Going AFK or being around a large collection of aggressive mobs during a restart, or a quit / join is taking your life into your own hands. Mobs may gltch out of your grinder if you leave the chunk, or at other unexpected times. If you die in one of these situations it will be taken as a legitimate death. To prevent this always put yourself in a well-lit safe-room, far enough from the collected mobs that they cannot glitch into the room.

Client-side problems

Client-side errors such as client-lag, stuck keys or keyboard errors are legitimate means of dying. In situations where there is a lot of server-side lag, the best advice is to log off in a safe place and wait for it to subside. Warnings will be given when the server is at risk of experiencing a lot of lag, such as during the start of the month with excessive chunk generation. These situations will be considered "play at your own risk".

Steps to take

Action Steps to Take
Spamming (Manual) Warn, kick, ban.
Spamming (Automatic) Ban - indication of client hacks or a spambot.
Racism, Sexism or Hate Speed Warn, kick, temporary or permanent ban.
X-Ray Full investigation, speak to the accused. If there is no doubt, a temporary or permanent ban.
Modified Client (reach, kill aura) Verify with no-cheat, spectate or vanish, and ban.
Alternate accounts Verify on an IP match. In some cases, proxies or VPNs will be used, which will require more of an investigation. In cases where it was a genuine mistake, ban the alt, but leave the first account unbanned.
Proxies or VPNs Full investigation, ban.
Pushing from Spawn Warn, slay, or a temporary ban if near to the end of the month.
Attacking from within spawn. Warn, slay, or a temporary ban if near to the end of the month.
Login protection abuse Warn if the player is still attempting to escape their fate but has not yet been successful. If they have already escaped, the player should be slain, or a temporary ban if near to the end of the month. The player is permitted to log in briefly to get their coordinates, for another player to attempt to rescue.
Posting personal information about other players. Warn the users, followed by a ban. The information should be removed as soon as possible.
Compromised Accounts Ban the account. If possible, verify that the account is compromised.