Rap Battles

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Every so often, a dispute in HCSMP can' be solved

The preferred method is a rap battle with those involved,

They spit rhymes until each side has said some

From their words, the decision is done.


Most rap battles that are logged here took place in IRC.

However, audio clips of rap battles from Teamspeak are put here for you to see.


Foxi & xMopx

15:46 <foxi|sega> bash window coming at ya face

15:46 <foxi|sega> stars in here look like outer space

15:46 <foxi|sega> i got so many routes to trace

15:47 <foxi|sega> F.B.I is on my case

15:48 <foxi|sega> like day-z I'm gonna gun you down

15:49 <foxi|sega> my solid state drive don't make a sound

15:49 <foxi|sega> with the errors in your code i've found

15:49 <foxi|sega> I'ma knock your ass back outta town

15:49 <xMopxShell> I got my, very own linux distro

15:49 <xMopxShell> turned down jobs from sun and cisco

15:49 <xMopxShell> processor working, like an engine revving

15:49 <xMopxShell> whole damn crew's 1-3-3-7

15:49 <xMopxShell> taking over IRC, with only four bots

15:49 <xMopxShell> dvd burners that I use for door stops

15:50 <foxi|sega> doors are old school, I live in space

15:50 <foxi|sega> I'm air-locked down in this clock speed race

15:51 <foxi|sega> 1337? I'm 9000 plus,

15:51 <foxi|sega> give up now my friend, trust.

15:52 <xMopxShell> i got a RAID 5 hard drive array

15:52 <xMopxShell> go ahead, leech a petabyte of anime

15:53 <xMopxShell> bought 3 sun servers tonight yo

15:53 <xMopxShell> processors iced out with liquid nitro

15:53 <xMopxShell> stay up til 6 AM, nocturnal

15:53 <xMopxShell> talk about my day in my online journal

15:53 <xMopxShell> friends say I need a girl in my world? (yo...)

15:53 <xMopxShell> I'd rather just recompile my kernel

15:55 <foxi|sega> Running cold? that's why you can't burn me

15:55 <foxi|sega> Your stolen ryhmes just don't concern, see

15:55 <foxi|sega> I'm writing from the idle side of my brain,

15:55 <foxi|sega> With the rest, beating you at chess, again.

15:57 <xMopxShell> this need to be put into the bestof wiki article

15:57 <foxi|sega> Oh, whats that? Can't multitask?

15:57 <foxi|sega> keep your wiki dreams private - I didn't ask

15:57 <foxi|sega> Hold your breath, Ima drown you verbally

15:58 <foxi|sega> anything you type, I come back x 3

16:03 <xMopxShell> First things first, I'll phreak all yo modems

16:03 <xMopxShell> so fast you be sittin there like yo dumb,

16:03 <xMopxShell> next things done, I route your ip

16:03 <xMopxShell> to a land called null, soon you'll see,

16:03 <xMopxShell> you'll call comcast with your eyes in tears

16:04 <xMopxShell> try to fix this shit with some beers

16:07 <foxi|sega> Haha, big mistake, null Is where I came from

16:08 <foxi|sega> With your cake i'll escape back to that oblivion

16:08 <foxi|sega> Like tower defence, you'll be tesla gunned

16:09 <foxi|sega> In your own dnd club, you'll be shunned.

16:11 <xMopxShell> oblivion son? get with the time,

16:11 <xMopxShell> skyrim is now, can you afford a dime?

16:11 <xMopxShell> tower defense is cute, i played once before,

16:11 <xMopxShell> so many bitches there, i had to /ignore

16:14 <foxi|sega> Well, try to learn to type a bit faster

16:14 <foxi|sega> got bored looking for your mum on creepy pasta

16:15 <foxi|sega> so fat your chair must have iron casters

16:15 <foxi|sega> and you didn't /ignore, she just denied when you asked her

16:17 <foxi|sega> get this straight, mr xmopxshell

16:17 <foxi|sega> your like a gaming laptop from dell

16:18 <foxi|sega> gimicy branded and uneconomic

16:18 <foxi|sega> and as far as raps go, very much sub-sonic

16:21 <xMopxShell> creepy pasta is the biggest newkid shit,

16:21 <xMopxShell> my mums so past that she builds a starship

16:21 <xMopxShell> my life for aiur, mothafucka

16:21 <xMopxShell> you spit rhymes like that kid chris tucker

16:21 <xMopxShell> I aint never used a dell cuz i am a borg,

16:21 <xMopxShell> but i saw your mum on craigslist dot org

16:24 <foxi|sega> chris tucker eh... you sound like a fanboy

16:24 <foxi|sega> bet your on baddragon.com, shopping for toys

16:25 <foxi|sega> meh, i wont judge, each to their own

16:25 <foxi|sega> but stop trying to beat me, tethered to your phone

16:25 <foxi|sega> My download speed so sweet, you cant compete,

16:25 <foxi|sega> and my benchmark scores knock you off your feet

16:27 <foxi|sega> Like a fox, i'm sly, no need to cry

16:27 <foxi|sega> either way, today, a noobs gonna die.

16:33 <xMopxShell> tethered to my phone, im off the grid

16:33 <xMopxShell> its about time you left and hid,

16:33 <xMopxShell> try your net, firefox has froze

16:33 <xMopxShell> hear the crowd laugh for rows and rows

16:33 <xMopxShell> think it burns now, i aint even done

16:33 <xMopxShell> gonna make you my bitch like i did attila the hun

16:40 <foxi|sega> Don't use firefox, I wrote my own web browser

16:40 <foxi|sega> beat you in 5 minutes like I did with bowser

16:40 <foxi|sega> You go off the grid because you can't defend

16:43 <foxi|sega> Your demise is the only thing on which you can depend

16:46 <xMopxShell> i think its time we ended this battle

16:46 <xMopxShell> i hear better rhymes from kids with a rattle

16:46 <xMopxShell> you speak of demise, you need to speak to the wise

16:46 <xMopxShell> get a rhythm transplant and you can be a star my size

16:48 <foxi|sega> With stars, size =/= power

16:48 <foxi|sega> i'll school you at physics hour after hour

16:49 <foxi|sega> But yeah, this battle is over its plain,

16:49 <foxi|sega> my genius lyrics have turned you insane