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IRC Rules

These are some basic rules for the #hcsmp irc channel.

Administrators and Moderators

Administrators and moderators (Channel Operators) reserve the right to enforce rules currently not present here in the event that it is needed.

No unauthorized bots

Please do not bring a bot into the channel without consulting an admin first. Bots can get very spammy, have duplicate commands, and are generally annoying. The currently allowed bots are:

  • Jamal - This is HCSMP's official bot. Use ".help" to see a list of his commands.
  • HCSMPBot - Echoes chat from the IRC channel in-game. Use /ch IRC to get into the IRC channel.
  • hawtre - Not a bot, but he has some scripts running. PM him if you want something to be added.
  • Tyrone - Has a couple of functions including duck hunt, !hcsmp, !mcstatus and calc.

Any unauthorized bots will be banned from the channel.

No personal information

This also applies to everywhere in the community. Linking to personal Facebooks, calling people by their real names without permission, and posting personal information, etc, are all not allowed. You will be banned from the IRC.

Do not change your nickname if the room is moderated

If a channel op sets +m to the channel (which will only let channel ops and voiced people speak), you are expected to not change your nickname in order to get around that block. Doing so will result in a kick or tempban from the channel.

Do not impersonate another nickname

Impersonation will gain you nothing but a ban. Don't do it.

Joelthemole isn't allowed to use scripts.

Info is in the title.