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Frequently asked Questions!

How long is the ban on death?

Deathbans reset twice each month on the 1st at 0001 and the 16th at 0001. By donating $2.50 or more you can have another chance at surviving! Players may donate for a revive twice per deathban period or 4 times per month. Donate here.

Why is the ban so long? *cry*

The idea for the server was based on Single Player Hardcore Mode. If you die there, your whole world is deleted, and we try to emulate that sense of loss.

Can I starve to death?

Yes, the server is set to hard difficulty and so food is therefore very important. The first thing you should make sure of before you go on any long journeys is that you have enough food to survive!

Please also note that food around the spawn may become scarce, so stop sprinting in circles and find some.

Does this server have commands like /sethome? Or a teleport to spawn?

No. This server is mostly vanilla, there are no teleports.

What client mods am I allowed?

We allow any mods so long as it does not give you an unfair advantage on the server. You may use any normal texture pack. Rei's Minimap is allowed.

Any mods or texture packs that give you an unfair advantage over other players are disallowed, this includes x-ray and wireframe in either client modification or texture pack form.

If we suspect you of using one of these, you may be banned.

We recommend the following plugins, because they are awesome.

What is the size of the map?

Right now we have a 12,000*12,000 block map, with 6,000 blocks on each axis. If you attempt to go past the border you will be knocked back.

If you make a portal that goes past 6k it will send you back to the border

What are the spawn coordinates?

Spawn coordinates are at 0,0.

When is the map reset?

General reset schedule is once every 3 months, however changes to map generation in official Minecraft updates may force an early reset.

Is griefing allowed?

Yes! This is hardcore server and it is every man for himself. If you find a base it's acceptable to raid and even destroy it if you wish, but remember that there are consequences - the base owner may not be very happy when he returns, and he might add a bounty for your death or hunt you down himself.

Is this the server that AVO griefed?

No, sorry, you've come to the wrong place.

I've just seen an underground base through a world-hole / chunk loading error

On investigation these situations look exactly like an xray, and we have to treat it as such. If you see a base this way, best to avoid it unless you want to risk a ban.

Is there a voice chat or IRC room for this server?

Yes, our teamspeak IP is “teamspeak.hcsmp.com.” Our IRC is #hcsmp on irc.esper.net

Why don't I have permission to build?

Everyone who joins the server can destroy and place blocks as soon as you spawn. However there is a 200 block wide safe zone around spawn (which is at 0, 0), where no blocks can be placed or destroyed, and damage can only be taken if you are combat tagged by another player. Move outside this area (bordered at 200 on each axis) to be able to affect the world.

What do the coloured names mean?

Coloured names indicate a player's permissions rank.

Dark green names = A normal player

Light green names = A donor

Blue names = Moderators

Red names = Administrators

Who are the Admins? What can they do?

Our current admins can be found here. The Admininstrators most time consuming job is to find and ban those who have cheated on the server. They do this by checking possible x-ray sites and banning offenders.

They also organise the odd fun event (like PvP tournaments, or Arena battles), try to keep the server up as much as possible, and occasionally try to have a little play themselves.

Who are the moderators? What can they do?

Our current moderators can be found here.

Moderators have the power to kick, mute and ban other players. They use these powers to remove those who are disrupting the server environment, or who have without a doubt broken rules. Other than this, Moderators are normal players with the same rights as donators. Moderators cannot check your xray report!

An admin killed me! Abooose!

No. We usually ban players (permanently). If we killed you, it was probably for a very good reason, and quite generous of us to let you come back next month after whatever stunt you were pulling at the time - knock it off.

A moderator killed me!

Our Moderators are players like any other. They do have the ability to kick and ban people who are seriously disrupting game-play, but can die and be banned for the rest of the month, just like any other player.

How can I get a second life?

Donating just $2.50 gets you a second life and all of the donator perks, but remember that this only works twice per deathban period! Buy an extra life here.

What Donor benefits are there?

Donors are exactly the same as normal players except for these differences:

Donors can use the /me command. Donors get a reserved slot on the server, they are able to log into the last 5 server slots unlike normal players. In the period they donate, donors get one extra life for each donation.

I donated $2.50 or more, how do I redeem my extra life?

Visit http://hcsmp.com/redeem

Log in and follow the instructions to redeem your life.

Can I donate for someone else?

Sure! Just enter their Minecraft username in the textbox on the donation page. Your donation will be credited to them.

They will need to log in to the site and redeem an extra life themselves though.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Of course. Just leave the textbox on the donation page blank, and you'll make an anonymous donation.

Plugin Questions

What is the Bounty Hunter Plugin?

Bounty Hunter is a plugin we run on the server. You can add bounty to players to give other players more incentive to kill the person you have bountied. For more information on the bounty plugin see

The original announcement thread, An updated announcement thread, or the wiki article on Server Plugins or Server Commands.

What is Combat Tag/Pvplogger? How does it work?

Combat Tag is a plugin designed to prevent people logging off during combat to keep themselves from dying. If a player hits you and you log off within 3 seconds of the last hit, a clone NPC of you will appear and stand at your log off point for 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds the player who was fighting them has the opportunity to damage the NPC, any damage done to the NPC will be moved to your character upon login, possibly killing them. If the NPC is killed in that time it will drop the items that you were carrying and allow the killer to loot and move on.

For more information see the wiki article on Server Plugins or Server Commands.

Combined with this, we also have a plugin to allow players that are locked in combat to attack each other in safe zones such as Spawn.

What is Campfire Protection?

Campfire protection is a 60 minute grace period for new players. Under the 60 minutes of Campfire protection you cannot be hurt by another player, but mobs and other dangers such as falling will still affect you. Your time is only counted while you are logged on and outside of a protected safe-zone, such as Spawn. When you next log in your timer will resume it's countdown.

While you are protected you cannot open chests, but at any point you can remove your own protection by typing /campfire terminate, followed by /campfire confirm to end it early and gain access to chests. Removing your own campfire protection will make you vulnerable to all of the usual PvP attacks.

For more information see the wiki article on Server Plugins or Server Commands.

Reporting Xray/Appealing bans

I think my base was xrayed, what should I do?

Submit an xray report to the Administrators here with an appropriate subject. Explain briefly why you believe you have been xrayed, your IGN, and anyone else that has been legitimately building in the area, for example your base mates. The Administrators will investigate the location to discover what has happened, you should hear back from them within a few days, but please be patient.

I think my death was unfair due to lag/a glitch, where can I appeal?

To appeal a ban write to the Administrators in the hcsmp forums here with an appropriate subject. Please include your minecraft IGN (user name) and explain what happened in the events leading up to your death and why you think it was unfair. Please note that the Administrators will investigate and will try to deliver an answer to your appeal as soon as possible. Please be aware that this can sometimes take a little while, especially around the start of the month, as there are only 7 administrators but a couple of thousand players.

There is a sticky post at the top of that forum that will explain how to form your ban appeal post. Please follow it, or it might take us longer to deal with your appeal.

I saw a base/diamonds through a chunk error. Am I allowed to dig to it?

No. Leave it alone. Anything we find that looks like x-ray gets treated like x-ray, and we ban all x-rayers.

I x-rayed. Can I be unbanned?


How about if I pay you / donate to the server?

Definitely not - we're not in it for the money, and the place is popular enough. We'd rather keep cheaters out to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone else.

I donated to the server but I'm still banned for x-ray. I didn't get my extra life.

Yes, you are still banned. You can't buy unbans for cheating. You're not entitled to the extra life.

I died and came back on my/my friend's alt account, and now I'm banned.

The rules on the use of alt accounts on our server are very clear. One life and one account.

My brother and I have been banned for alting.

Send in an appeal. Did you also let us know in the Shared Computers/Networks section of the forum that you would be playing together?

I got banned for 'Hacked Client'

We don't allow Nodus or other x-ray clients on our server.