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The Graveyard Server

The Graveyard Server is intended for dead players on the Hardcore Server to play on for the rest of the deathban period. When a player dies in the main world they respawn in the graveyard. If a player dies in the graveyard they respawn at random locations in the graveyard. Players in the graveyard can still chat with players in the main world. The graveyard is a custom terrain environment where it is always night. Land is generated up to the height limit at y256.

Survival in the graveyard is harder than in the main world as resources are more scarce and some features are disabled. In spite of it's limitations and difficulty some players thrive there and many complex builds can be found. The graveyard has not been reset in over 4 years.

Current Use

The current use of the Graveyard Server is to host players who die in the main world until the deathban resets. While in the graveyard it is hoped a player will improve their survival skills in order to thrive in the main world after the deathban resets


The Graveyard server has several mechanics not implemented in either vanilla Minecraft nor the Main server. They are as follows:

Day Disabled

Anvils Disabled

Enchanting tables Disabled Except at 0,0

Bookcases Disabled

Beds Disabled

Nether portals Disabled (can be lit but not passed through. Pigmen spawning from portals is also disabled.)

The End Disabled

Map size

Currently the map is 5000 meters each cardinal direction from 0,0 or 10,000 meters by 10,000 meters square


The protected zone at 0,0 is home to the only enchanting tables on the map. Head here to repair and enchant to a low level.