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Things to do when you're dead on HCSMP

Died early? Got over the rage-quitting and want to do something productive for your community? Here's a list of things you can do!

  • Explore a previous map, find the secrets and include them in the list of build coordinates in each World.
  • Help with the Wiki
    • Create new articles
    • Improve articles (see below, or make improvements where you see fit)
    • Add your stories to the World History
    • Write your own Player Biography and tell us about yourself
  • Come and share your favorite music!
  • Come and chat with us
  • Start planning your new base.
  • Work on a new Spawn or Arena design, ready for the competitions.
  • Think about other things you might like, and submit suggestions. Please note that we like keeping the server essentially vanilla, so anything too game-changing probably won't get much consideration.

Wiki To-Do List

Additional ideas and improvements welcome.

  • Improve the PvP Tournament article. I envisage this being something like the World History articles, with a separate page / section for each pvp tournament, bracket info and links to videos.
  • Create yourself a user / character page. A list of player pages can be found here. Guidelines for your page can be found here.
  • Take a screenshot of world events, the Spawn, Nether spawn and any other buildings. Submit them to imgur or the planned galleries here.
  • Fill in some of the pages that are Wanted.
  • Download a [ previous] map and explore it, adding to the World History.

Marked Pages

A list of pages that have been marked as having something left to do on them. There are plenty of others that aren't linked here, so please help out!


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