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Location and Play Information

xMopx is a banned player. xMopx is usually on a rampage.

xMopx's Skin

Personality and Playstyle

During his first month on the server in December, xMopx was a hostile player, killing anyone that came into sight and demolishing bases and landmarks. However, he has calmed down in the month of March and spends most of his time building his base, rumored to be in the +/- quadrant.

Bases and Creations

Until March, xMopx did not make bases, but scattered chests hidden throughout the map. Screenshots of his March base have yet to be released.

Kills and Deaths

xMopx died to xX_SOCRATES_Xx at the end of the November map, in a duel 'for the lulz'. xMopx survived December but was killed early in January by a potion wielding badass.

Factions and Player Interaction

xMopx was involved with Team Spearhead whom have recently been inactive.

During times when the main HCSMP server is in the past, xMopx ran a 'temp server'. It is currently no longer available.

Event Participation

xMopx has not participated in any events.