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Location and Play Information

Originally from Goshen, Indiana, xHippo currently resides in Orlando, Florida. He can be found online from 2:40 PM to 8 PM EST (-5 GMT). xHippo can be found on the teamspeak and irc quite often, around the same times.

Personality and Playstyle

Starting as a neutral, quiet player, xHippo soon joined rank with the infamous clan DAS IMPERIUM. xHippo prefers not to prey on new players, but veterans who know what they're doing. Cross him, and you'll be torn apart if encountering him. Most people dislike xHippo for insulting other players, preying on those who are particularly annoying.

Bases and Creations

World 5, the best world so far in xHippo's eyes. Helped in the construction of DAS IMPERIUM's legendary Septo-Grinder. xHippo is not a builder, but a fighter.

Kills and Deaths

xHippo has Alzheimer's, therefore he cannot remember.

Factions and Player interaction

DAS IMPERIUM, the first and last clan xHippo will ever be in on HCSMP.

Event participation

xHippo missed the Hunger Games event, but he showed up to the CTF event. xHippo was captain of the blue team and kicked many asses that day.