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This article is about the history of World One, from the 19th of October to the 7th of November 2011. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World History

World One Map

October 2011

It all started here, with a reddit post on the 19th of October. Spawn was a fairly simple underground chamber in the middle of a desert.

The remains of the Reddit Community Center

PVP was off, and people huddled together to survive. The Reddit Community Centre and Fort Gamma were created, but then came the bloodthirsty hoardes.

Charker's Death

A murderer named Charker used a lava bucket to slaughter the innocent builders and lay waste to the Reddit Community Centre, until Calber managed to lure him into a TNT trap. Calber perished, but took Charker with him, and was celebrated.

Final messages left at the Reddit Community Center
RIP Fort Gamma

PVP was made toggle-able to allow players to defend themselves against such attacks, and everyone carried a lava and water bucket for protection.

Meanwhile a player named Cachu had lost his friends, and wanted to build a new village to keep everyone safe, somewhere to gather together and defend from the murderers, but people in the village soon started mysteriously dying in lava, and it was eventually discovered to be Cachu himself, betraying and murdering his neighbours with the promise of food and safety.

Cachu's 'Friends'

The player reaction to Cachu was immediate, and many called for a complete ban from the server for breaking an early version of Rule #1. He was briefly banned by Savoie, but community response was generally in favour of the havoc that he had spread. He later died in another incident with a new player and a bucket of lava.

PVP was turned on full time, with no option to turn it off, but the people, despite being more paranoid, were still far more trusting than in present-day HCSMP.

Other buildings were erected, including the very first Inn, and ruins began littering the surface of the world.

A builder named mike678, using an alt called Zergling built the very first Nether Highway, a public highway in the shape of a massive figure 8 within the nether, with pre-built portals to convenient locations almost every thousand blocks over a large area. Please note that using Alternate Accounts is now against the Server Rules, and is a bannable offense.

The map was unlimited, so hermits were able to travel many thousands of blocks away from Spawn, and never meet another player unless they chose to.

There was no formal donation system, but Savoie's paypal account began to be used for donation purposes. Within short order, we were upgrading from a 1 Gigabyte server to 4 Gigabytes.

On the October 31st the bans were reset a day early, the new spawn was officially opened and hundreds of resurrected players began to pour back onto the server.

November 2011

The new Spawn was several thousand blocks from the initial Spawn point, and of a much grander design than the original spawn. It was situated in a forest biome, and of the same design as the spawn used in World 2.

Gmxgeek began to assist Savoie with the server, and volunteered his own server when the current server became unable to cope with the growing number of players.

During November the first round of corruptions caused map rollbacks, and player data began to swap around. During the restarts, users would appear grouped together with their inventories swapped. Shortly after, the new world was generated, and the bans were temporarily removed to allow everyone to migrate themselves and their chests to a home in the new world.

The NMR gather on a temporary server in between map resets.

At the time, there was no way to check to see who had died and who was still alive, except for when Savoie would post the list of the dead, via a reddit submissions from the departed souls or their friends, or by word of mouth of the witnesses.

The New Minecraft Republic form, with the noble intentions of helping newbies and killing murderers. This will be the biggest attempt at a large community since the server began. The previous attempts at the Reddit Community Center and Fort Gamma failed early on.

Gmxgeek decided that it would be nice if there was an list that was automatically updated whenever a player died so that users could browse death information whenever they wanted to. The very first iteration of the Death List was born around November 3rd. The first iteration of the death list was rather simplistic, and only consisted of a list of the deaths as they occurred, but additional features were soon added, such as a timer of how long since the last "incident".

Notable Dates

October 19th - Savoie's post to reddit, announcing the hardcore mode server.

October 27th - #hcsmp set up on Esper by Savoie and tabmonkey.

October 31st - Bans reset for the November period

November 2nd - The New Minecraft Republic form.

November 3rd - gmxgeek offers his VPS to Savoie to run the server on, and the Death List appears in its first form.

November 7th - World Migration.