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The view when you spawn into World 7.

This article is about the history of World Seven, from 1st June 2012 to 31st July 2012. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World's 7 run of exactly 3 months makes it the longest running world to date.

World History


NetherSpawn of World 7, designed by gmxgeek.

The Alliance, an open group of players who agree to be peaceful to each other was established. Formed in the days leading up to World 7, the Alliance hopes to dampen the random violence and griefing rampant in previous worlds, without relying on a single group of good-aligned players. Players joining the Alliance agree to not attack or grief other members.


Notable dates

1st June - Bans are reset, the new map begins. Issues with crafting bread and item durability are found.

1st June - HCSMP Summer Slaughter is announced which allows players to buy 2 lives for $2 each throughout June and July.

No food for newbies since bread is uncraftable.

2nd June - gmxgeek fixes the worldguard configuration to solve the crafting problems. He then brings Cave Spiders ability to poison players back into the game, making them more terrifying.

3rd June - The second Hunger Games event is held on the Graveyard Server. Mcfluffykins wins the game again.

6th June - Changes are made to the Hardcore and Campfire plugins.

9th June - gmxgeek integrates the IRC channel into the server chat and vice versa.

18th June - Foxitude releases a new HCSMP trailer which gains popularity on r/Minecraft.

19th June - greywolf94 releases screenshots of his HCSMP graveyard on r/Minecraft.

20th June - The subreddit reaches 2000 subscribers.

25th June - gmxgeek adds new Spawn Border mechanics.

1st July - Server crashes and starts up late due to June 30th having an extra second in the day. Bans are reset and gmxgeek reassures that everything is ok.

1st July - gmxgeek makes changes to some plugins.

31st July - Server is shut down in preparation for Minecraft 1.3

Overworld Map and Build Coordinates

Build Description Coordinates
Spawn (Protected Zone) 0, 0
The Arena (Protected Zone) 0, 0
Noobtown 0, -300
Traveller's Rest 770, -1776
Unexplored Mineshaft. Provided by SPIDRMANAJK 3148, 2575
Anything added to this list before the map reset will probably be griefed - you have been warned. x, z

Rei's Minimap .points file compatible list

The Arena:0:40:0:false:A90000
Traveller's Rest:770:64:-1776:false:A90000
Unexplored Mineshaft:3148:28:2575:false:A90000

Nether Map and Build Coordinates

Build Description Coordinates
Netherspawn 0, 0
Double Blaze Spawner 1171, -867
Anything added to this list before the map reset will probably be griefed - you have been warned. x, z

Rei's Minimap .points file compatible list

Double Blaze Spawner:1171:65:-867:false:A90000


World 7 was severely griefed when a Minecraft login exploit found allowed anyone to log onto administrator accounts. The spawn was lost but the map was undamaged enough it completed it's 3 month run.

The end of world 7 marked the start of Black August