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Spawn of World 6
NetherSpawn of World 6.

This article is about the history of World Six, from 11th March 2012 to World 7 (started on June 1 2012). For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World History

March 2012

Mob spawning

The first day of the new map soon revealed problems with the world generation plugin we'd been using. After 9 hours of pre-generation, the server was opened only to discover that the pre-generation hadn't actually done anything. The lag was bad, and there were several roll-backs. Unable to find another working world generation plugin, the users had to generate it themselves. Warnings were delivered that playing now would be very risky, and not to place items in chests, as they could be lost during a rollback.

The Dragon Egg is claimed

The Dragon Egg is claimed within the first few days by members Lewbot and other members of DAS IMPERIUM.

As the month continued the server was found to be quite stable, the tick rate much improved, and mobs spawning like crazy.

Futhermucker and mrpotatoz build a base in the End, but murderers raze it and kill them.


BetilloMinor plants several highly dangerous traps around the map, including a TNT Giant Mushroom, and an NPC village house. The traps claim the lives of at least 2 people.

Futhermucker makes a post on the subreddit in an attempt to appeal to the better nature of hcsmp players. In response to this, talks begin about reforming the NMR, and public Noob outposts begin to appear in various places around the map. The New Minecraft Republic reforms a short time later. The NMR and the Black Hand work together on several Noob Outposts and Ravine Town, before some planned duels get out of hand, and Black Hand murder Cachu.

Borowse and LogicandReason begin their work on what comes to be known as The Island - an underground base is created first, then several large aboveground structures. Both players die, or move on. mcfluffykins and therokk grief a number of The Island builds, and JoeltheMole is killed by Black Hand while trying to repair them. Later on, TrumpeterSwann, BitShiftShadow, Moodh, Conrad9 and others rebuild The Island. [[The Black Hand again tear their progress down. TrumpeterSwann, BitShiftShadow and Moodh defend the build, and in the end BitShiftShadow challenges Hostimentum to a fight. After fighting for a while, Hostimentum runs, and logs out. Other Black Hand members arrive on the scene, and Hostimentum begs his friends for armour. Meanwhile, BitShiftShadow removes his armour and buries it, then heads back over to Hostimentum who promptly murders him, un-armoured and unarmed. Read BitShiftShadow's account here. Later on, Hostimentum trawls the ocean and digs up the chest hidden by BitShiftShadow.


A mysterious ocean wall appears...
... the construction of which evicts players from their bases. Hyperspace bypass anyone?

Project Blow Up The World began, similar in nature to Operation Waterworld, but involving more TNT.

The players take advantage of the experience multiplier.

Some players sneakily entered the area underneath spawn and released pictures of Savoie's horrific experiments, some may have been involved Jamal.

MacgregorK and helloothere worked on a converted mushroom island build, replacing mycellium with grass, and built some experimental block swappers and a huge dark room grinder in a tree. The island and it's contents were griefed.

Ambrosia Laboratories created their Cow Collider, for scientific experiments.

DAS IMPERIUM inside the base of The Black Hand.
Savoie's Diary Entry

DAS IMPERIUM raid the base of The Black Hand (kindly on loan from cliffnerd), killing [Kibbles93]]. The Black Hand kill TheOtherSavoie, and find on his person a journal (the little black book of betrayal) containing the location of Schooner902 and xCoyote18's base. The Black Hand destroy this base in retaliation for Schooner902's part in the raid.

PauseUnpause visits the server. He dies very quickly, then the community donate for him to get a resurrection, and he brings Etho back to the server with him to have a play. PauseUnpause and Etho head out of spawn being badgered by fanboys, and once they are far enough away gear themselves up with iron in an abandoned mineshaft, before heading back to Spawn for some fun PvPing - Hardcore SMP with Etho.

A new player named Legola joins the server. He inspires the community by living just outside of the Spawn border, wearing Iron and Gold armour, and throwing melon slices on new players from above. Unexpectedly, the known murderers leave him alone.

The Alliance forms, a group that accepts all players but every member must leave the others in peace.

Cachu leaves the server with a subreddit post.

Notable dates

11th March - Lag problems due to a world generation failure, and player exploration.

12th March - The /killstats command gets popular again. gmxgeek fixes this.

13th March - The tick rate problem we'd been having is fixed, but now we have too many ticks, and the growth and spawn rate is very high during times when there are fewer players.

13th March - DAS IMPERIUM claim the End, and Lewbot slays the dragon. His Brave Companions are BadRaven, BroBuzz, Fractal13, GigglesNPie. Between them they kill 5 Ender Dragons to claim the Egg.

13th March - A login queue system plugin is implemented by gmxgeek to let non-donators into slots that were previously reserved only for Donators.

14th March - Foxitude began his Let's Play on the server, FoxSurvival

19th March - Scatcycle posts a request for a Hunger Games tournament. A new rule is implemented that it is bannable to trick a new player into removing their protection in order to kill them.

21st of March - Borowse, one of the original founders of The Island posts to the subreddit and leaves the server.

23rd March - The server is updated to Minecraft 1.2.4. Cats become annoying. A genocide is expected.

29th March - A new group of Moderators are announced.

30th March - The Forums are officially announced. The reaping takes place for the HCSMP Hunger Games event.

1st April - Ban reset. Lil_Mac, Adoxographic and Rastmusan begin their Let's Play - Adventures of the Trio

8th April - paranormalcow and Exodren begin their Let's Plays - Enter paranormalcow, and Exodren's HardcoreSMP Adventure.

9th April - paranormalcow dies, ending the Let's Play.

16th April - The Bounty Hunter plugin is relaunched, along with a brand new Karma system in a post on the Forum.

The Library, during the End of World party.

18th April - telum12 resigns as a moderator and quits the server to spend more time on other hobbies.

26th April - Books are reintroduced to the server, through use of the Books plugin. The same day, the announcement is also made regarding vanilla books in the new minecraft snapshot.

27th April - Savoie begins work on a new HCSMP Library.

1st May - The server time is added to the HCSMP website, to help other players from other timezones figure out when a ban reset will be. gkNova start's his [[|Category:Let's Play|Let's Play]], and promptly dies.

10th May - An experience multiplying plugin was included on the server, to save time on grinding.

12th May - Etho and PauseUnpause visit the server. New players pour in after the video is released - Hardcore SMP with Etho.

31st May - End of World Party.

Map and Build Coordinates

Build Description Coordinates
Spawn (Protected Zone) 0, 0
The Arena (Protected Zone) 0, 0
Treasure Chest Loot Tower, provided by joethepro15 244,802
Small base with melon farm, made by DancingZoidberg 287, 841
Lucky 38 Island by RyanRolls and the Blackhand -72,1252
SuperYoshi1141's Abandoned Base, provided by Shyguide and SuperYoshi1141 -730,1755
Shyguide's base, provided by Shyguide -377,2251
Free Stuff Chest, provided by Savoie -3149,733
Noob OutPost #2 Supplied by Jordan125 -3686,-3036
Jonz00r's base, provided by pharno -3745,3775
The Noob Stop by Whoaman 3985,3811
MrSped and Co's Base, provided by Alxxy -2694,6908
WolfTweak's Base, provided by WolfTweak -4275,6913
DancingZoidberg's Base -1404,-3065
Anything added to this list before the map reset will probably be griefed - you have been warned. x, z

Rei's Minimap .points file compatible list

The Arena:0:40:0:false:A90000
Treasure Chest Tower:244:200:802:false:A90000
DancingZoidberg's Base:287:63:841:false:A90000
Lucky 38 Island:-72:63:1252:false:A90000
SuperYoshi1141's Base:-730:63:1755:false:A90000
Shyguide's Base:-377:15:2251:false:A90000
Free Stuff Chest:-3149:64:733:false:A90000
Noob Outpost #2:-3686:68:-3036:false:A90000
Jonz00r's Base:-3745:12:3775:false:A90000
Noob Stop:3985:64:3811:false:A90000
MrSped's Base:-2694:63:6908:false:A90000
WolfTweak's Base:-4275:12:6913:false:A90000
Mowsh Home:-7515:12:-3388:false:000000
Zombie Spawner:-7587:45:-3476:false:7EDE79
Zombie Spawner:-7445:22:-3543:false:3523F9
Zombie Spawner:-7376:26:-3564:false:EC9881
Broken Zombie Spawner:-7419:19:-3661:false:FEBC93
Cave Spider Spawner Trap:-7407:19:-3580:false:B3A7A3
Cave Spider Spawner:-7430:20:-3579:false:974E6D
Cave Spider Spawner:-7416:17:-3627:false:C11381
Spider Spawner:-7299:19:-3367:false:FCCC83
Cave Spider Spawner:-7297:12:-3370:false:F66ED9
Cave Spider Spawner:-7368:19:-3528:false:12C9B4
Mushroom Biome:1000:64:-8000:false:972829
Mushroom Biome:3689:64:-3793:false:C483BD
Mushroom Biome:4000:21:-6000:false:B2697A
Robot's statue:-7764:75:-4090:false:2BD793
Black Hand:-4856:64:7953:false:77C661
Cave Spider Spawner:-7230:15:-3354:false:32783F
Cave Spider Spawner:-7281:14:-3336:false:6E941E
WolfTweak Entrance:-4074:14:3823:false:38E0E3
WolfTweak Home:-4275:12:6913:false:C9F674
The End:-1020:64:-440:false:4BFAEA
Black Hand:-7053:64:-1612:false:57AA5F
Leaked coords:-1078:71:7813:false:C69A1E
Snow Farm:5671:64:7807:false:E5DFA6
END OF MONTH BUILD:-700:64:-4623:false:57CFC9
chest room:-718:72:-4606:false:CB0323
Island Portal:-845:76:-514:true:9E9EAF
Nether base!:701:129:2307:true:DE8420
Way up:559:83:1270:true:6750BA
end of month build:4:129:-530:true:08C2D7
Odd Artifact:-7715:75:-3465:true:D2814D
Noob Outpost #2:-3686:68:-3036:true:A90000
ABND Base:1492:82:477:true:A42681
FoolsPower Temp Home:7817:52:-7105:true:68F0F0
LOL Sign:7960:198:-7495:true:783B78
Mushroom Biome:7899:68:4401:true:B52581
Zombie Grinder:7953:29:4311:true:6E9966
Foolspower NewBase:3647:73:-3810:true:8D6071
Kates Base:-7414:64:-3563:true:BCC29A
Foolspower Death Point:233:25:-2234:true:56D80B:1