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This article is about the history of World Five, from the 2nd to the 11th of March, 2012. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World History

March 2012

Spawn building of World 5 created by Fractal13, thepersianrug, account0357 and IIVSEVENVII.
The Netherspawn of World 5

Another rocky month with a migration into this world from World 4, DDoS attacks, and an inventory transfer and map reset into World 6. Possibly the shortest map-month ever.

Notable dates

1st March - HCSMP Spawn Competition

2nd March - Spawn competition results. Congratulations to Fractal13, thepersianrug, account0357 and IIVSEVENVII. Inventory Migration from World Four begins for 48 hours. During this time, Hardcore and PvP are off, and murdering and raiding are strongly discouraged. Several teleport commands are available for ease of transport. Spawn is a simple patch on the edge of a jungle and desert until the new Spawn can be imported.

3rd March - Villages and Mineshafts are discovered to have been missing from the world pre-generation. A new world, using the same seed is generated, with hopes of merging the two.

4th March - Inventory Migration is ended, and Hardcore and PvP is re-enabled. The attempts to merge the maps are partially successful, but chest-contents have problems. The community vote to keep the world without structures in order to keep their chest contents. Spawn is set up, and the server begins to go back to normal. Some cheaters are banned and begin to attack the server with a DDoS - the second major attack on the server.

4th March to 7th March - Intermittent DDoS attacks, with sporadic uptime.

7th March - An upgraded server is purchased, using the same provider that the servers use, with DDoS protection. The community discuss the options for copying the map to the new server, in light of the terrain generation and DDoS issues. Server Specifications

8th March - The community vote on their options for moving server.

9th March - The results of the vote are release: Bans reset. Map Reset. One inventory can be carried over. TeamSpeak 3 to be used for the voice server.

11th March - The players migrate with a single inventory to World 6