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World Four Map

This article is about the history of World Four, from the 3rd of February to 4th of March. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World History


Spawn of World 4. Made by Savoie, Random902 and BroBuzz

After a few false starts caused by world pre-generation problems and lighting bugs. Once the world was pre-generated, we were also unfortunately enough to have a lot of lag issues due to map corruption, but a helpful hosting company employee (Josh) attempted to help, teleporting all players to a village, and handing out TNT like candy, without realising that our Hardcore plugin would ban all dead players. This was followed by a misunderstanding with the host leading to the complete wipe of the server, map and the complete loss of the hcsmp website.

World Four began a few days later in earnest, although a short time laster, it was discovered that the world had unfortunately been re-generated without any structures (abandoned mineshafts or villages).

Several new groups sprang up, but quickly disappeared again, including The Evil League of Evil.

On Thursday February 9th, a new set of Moderators and Administrators accepted their positions and began to help with the server.

DAS IMPERIUM created the Autobahn - a new Nether Highway.

The users communicating more and more on the subreddit, through mumble and in the IRC channel led to an increased amount of Social Engineering attacks on players to get base coordinates from enemy groups. One particular example of this is on the 22nd of February, where Lewbot convinced Lil_Mac to take him back to the Nerdia base, not knowing that Lewbot was relaying the coordinates to DAS IMPERIUM.

On the 24th DAS IMPERIUM set up their Noobtown 3.0.

The PvP Tournament was held on the 25th of February, and dead players were resurrected to compete. An Arena was built near to Newbtown, which was griefed during the competition. During the next few days, Newbtown was rebuilt, and on the 29th of February DAS IMPERIUM and Team Spearhead battled it out amongst the remains in a Quality vs Quantity brawl. DAS IMPERIUM had been grinding xp, and had far fewer players, while Team Spearhead had many more volunteers, but worse enchantments. DAS IMPERIUM emerged victorious. More details of this are available on the Siege of Newbtown article.


Minecraft 1.2 was released very early into this month, and the world was converted to the new format while World Five was set up for an Inventory Migration, so very little was achieved on this world during March.

Notable Dates

2nd February - Spawn building contest - winners were Savoie, Random902 and BroBuzz.

3rd February - Catpost kills the Enderdragon, claiming the Dragon Egg. Shortly after, a helpful technician from the server host comes online to help with the lag issues. He claims admin rights on the server, teleports all players to the same location and hands out TNT without disabling the Hardcore plugin - a bloodbath ensues. Later that day, the server and website are accidentally wiped out.

4th February - Server comes back up.

9th February - A new set of Moderators and Administrators accepted their positions and began to help with the server.

11th February - The website is re-launched by gmxgeek after the server wipe.

13th February - The donation system is brought back online after the server wipe.

19th February - DAS IMPERIUM finish their first Autobahn, a Nether Highway. DEKMS finishes some new Heroic Statues.

21st February - Crazy_Boris announces his Eight Outrageous Skulls.

21st February - CaptainCrimson creates the HCSMP Heroes cardgame.

25th February - The Official HCSMP PvP Tournament.

26th February - The players and death lists return after the server wipe.

26th February - A new Arena was created.

28th February - The Killers List returns.

29th February - DAS IMPERIUM vs Team Spearhead: The Siege of Newbtown.

1st March - The monthly ban reset. Minecraft 1.2 is released, Bukkit updates and the server is taken down for update to the new map format. The bukkit update breaks quite a few of the Server Plugins. gmxgeek makes updates to some of these himself, and a Spawn Competition is announced with plans to migrate to World 5.

2nd March - Migration to World 5 begins.