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This article is about the history of World Three, from December 3rd 2011 to January 31st 2012. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World Three Map - Look! Snow biomes! Mushroom Islands! Ocean!

World History

December 2011

World Three Spawn Building, more pictures here

World Three began with the first complete inventory and map reset. All of the players had to start again, scrabbling for resources and racing to get diamonds.

With this reset, and the recent release of Minecraft 1.0, new map features were included in this world, such as netherwart for potions, enchantments, the End, and the Dragon.

A Hero is Born

With the new month came some new Villains, and new Heroes, in particular the spandex-wearing diamond-clad CaptainCrimson. CaptainCrimson formed The Crimson Crusaders, a band of Super Heroes.

Razarex and F1Richard began their Let's Play on the server, Adventure with Rich

Since Jaycow became an administrator in November, this was his first full month helping out with the admin builds around the map. The PVP Arena, The Church of Jaycow, the Lighthouse and an Aeroplane appeared around the map, usually designated as No-PvP safe zones He successfully petitioned for the introduction of the Bookworm plugin, and created the Intercontinental HardcoreSMP Library for storing the resulting masterpieces, which included a tonne personal player diaries, offensive or funny stories, and a copy of The Raven.

An unannounced overworld city project called Mac Cross springs up, built primarily by MacgregorK.

The New Minecraft Republic stayed fairly active during World 3, while assassins and murderer groups began to spring up around the server.

Nebtown joined the server, creating their portal network, a Nether Railway, and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

A group of evil players joined the server, calling themselves FOAM. After a brief war with the NMR and Nebtown, FOAM were banned for x-ray.

Meanwhile, Telum12, Yttriumz, poiddragon and TrumpeterSwann join forces with Nebtown to take out one of the latest murderers, liljm0ney and his team.

The End was conquored for the very first time, and GigglesNPie slew the Dragon.

During December we began to get more people trolling the server. In order to keep ensuring that the community remained friendly the first set of Community Moderators were brought in to monitor the in-game and IRC chat and assist in banning spam bots. They were given blue names, to distinguish them from the green names of regular players, the lighter green names of donators.

A group known as the Melon Ballers made itself known with a melon-themed recruitment campaign on the subreddit, before being overtaken by a Pumpkin Invasion, courtesy of Savoie (abuuuse!).

Now acting as a force for good, Random902, xCoyote18 and GigglesNPie kill a lot of the current spawnkillers, and throw down the gauntlet to any others.

January 2012

The Bookworm plugin was installed, and Jaycow created the HCSMP Intercontinental Library to contain the works of fiction, personal journals and resulting gibberish.

January continued well, until gmxgeek found and banned several x-rayers, and one began a DDOS attack on the server, and several people in the IRC channel, including Jaycow. A short time later he stepped down as an administrator.

After the DDOS attacks subsided, Bookworm was removed due to features that could be exploited on the server.

Razarex and F1Richard continued with their Category:Let's Play, Adventure with Rich, until their murder by drplaster.

At the end of the month, the World was again to be reset, and the now-traditional End of World Party took place.

Notable dates

December 11th - Razarex and F1Richard begin airing their Let's Play series, Adventure with Rich.

December 12th - The subreddit gets over a 1000 subscribers.

December 21st - CaptainCrimson's Funeral

December 21st - The new Arena

December 25th - The Christmas Ban reset. The Dragon is slain by GigglesNPie.

December 28th - JoeltheMole comes up with the idea of Noob Gladiators.

December 31st - The first set of in-game Community Moderators are put into office.

January 1st 2012 - The HCSMP Intercontinental Library is created to coincide with the installation of the Bookworm plugin.

January 5th - The NMR disband -

January 6th - DDOS attacks on the server begin.

January 7th - Jaycow steps down.

January 8th - Server is taken down until the DDOS subsides.

January 16th - New server is set up, playing resumes.

January 12th - Minecraft 1.1 is released

January 26th - drplaster finds and murders Razarex and F1Richard. Moodh tries to avenge them, but dies in the attempt. Images of the aftermath

Map and Build Coordinates

A downloadable copy and torrent link to the map is available from

Build Description Coordinates
Spawn (Protected Zone) 0 0
The PVP Arena (Protected Zone) 200 64 200
The Library (Protected Zone) -600 75 -500
The Lighthouse (Protected Zone) 4893 64 4949
Jaycow's Private Jet (Protected Zone) This was intended to be used for an end of world party before the DDOS attacks. 700 64 8000
A small npc village named Meadowville. Still mostly intact before the reset. -9212 -7835
A building that used to contain a Nether portal, called Nether Hollow, and a small very basic base built into the cliff near it. Some chests were hidden here at the bottom of the mineshaft. These chests were still there just before the reset, despite evidence that other people had been living there. -9074 -7507
A house made of Nether brick. Not sure if it still remains or was developed any further. -8249 -8373
A wooden tower and the remains of some lava and glass art. -7947 5237
An old NMR settlement -5137 5909
Mac's Crossing, a City. -1285 8097
A simple under-water trapped base used to do some mining. -1442 43 8554
The entrance to a cave containing a hidden potion room. The potion room itself was hidden behind a hoe-operated piston door down and to the right in the cave system. -1255 58 8361
A triple cavespider grinder made by MacgregorK, along with some mini statues, one of which hid a redstone-discoverable chest. -1111 30 8066
Site of a skeleton build -1797 72 7950
McFluffykin's House -431 24 4124
A small cobblestone base with farm -230 3830
A massive underground complex indcluding automated melon farm, tree and wheat farm, LARGE cactus farm, and a large tree underconstruction. Also has paths off to XP grinders, a stupidly long tunnel (1900 blocks!). Also a giant melon. (Adrianht & TIBattlepig's home) -5173 8766
A walled town with a fort -7435 8695
Large lava pit -6767 9717
One of DEKMS's statue with melon farm (one more nearby, can you find it?) -8015 9115
Underground Sand lair -8256 9320
small undersea base automated farms, mob traps nearby -8820 8258
Traditonal 4-point castle with farms and rail to large xp farm -8531 7366
Uderground base with large rooms (Griefed) -7506 7457
Wood log entrance to "Rapture" underwater build -7294 7510
DEKMS griefed statues -7400 8000
Mountain top home (griefed) -8730 7015
Farming complex (griefed) -9075 6770
Undergound base (griefed) -9790 6155
Server Graveyard, the first 30. -9945 4180
Quittski's Memorial -8410 -1680
Small undergound base with large mining operation -8830 10 1645
Large hole in the ground leading to large undergound base, with 2-way

rail line to the below site.

-8708 70 -2856
Underground... community. Farms, a park, a civilized ravine. Very well


-9000 -3000
Small underground base with reed, melon, pumpkin, wheat and tree farm -9550 -4770
Another underground base with melons, trees, and GIANT MUSHROOMS! -9815 5 -5870
Large artificial island with trees and an unfinished house -9960 -6800
NPC village almost entirely in a 1m deep lake in the desert -9960 -8040
Netherrack walled base. Brought to you by surrealism. -9780 -9750
dmitri23's Nether portal, griefed base underneath -9333 -9611
Creative94's house and mining operations -9800 -8610
Higg's house, overlooking the Pumpkin Patch Society (1150 pumpkin


-8980 -8280
Hillside house, looks like it's been griefed -7800 9715
Tower and other builds at the edge of the world, very civilized. Known

owners: Steelpoint, Doucheaun, & Mandic by

-6240 -9520
Mushroom biome claimed by RGamer35 -5490 -9955
Small floating tree farm with underground farms nearby -3670 -9990
"If you find my island" small wood house and farms -3860 -9465
Mr Yap's Leaf island -2990 -9470
Underground farms and mining, griefed base on island at surface -1652 6 -9858
Larmo's (last member of newbtown) island memorial, see if you can find

the hidden entrance nearby!

110 -9855
Hotel island (griefed) -15 -9985
Cobblestone island WIP -200 -9770
Insane snow-golem fueled biome conversion project 500 -8488
Village on an island 4600 -9666
Indiecrafter's island 9559 -8710
Underground park 9923 18 -8630
Sea tower with underground enchanting and potion room 9935 -7920
Mushroom biome base 9965 -7450
Giant tower with portal and mushroom houses. 8020 -5700
WJPu' the "Leen Archipelago" 9360 -6110
Tiki island resort - it's currently burning, so beware if you visit! 9211 -4511
Griefed tower overlooking village (used to hold a sword?) 9245 87
Upside down mushroom pyramid 8800 2848
Tdekogel's base 7876 8631
Brick-walled island (griefed) 7448 8904
Fort 902 6795 8015
An intact base with farms, a brewing and enchanting room 5715 51 -3311
Lewbot's "Creeper King" tower 5000 5000
BroBuzz's and Spearhead's Hidey-Hole. -7127 6592
DEKMS Base (Nether) -550 2350
This_fat_kid, Serykis, and mcfluffykins's base 5448 -8872
hashss and friend's base -9000 3000