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This article is about the history of World Twenty Eight, from the 31st of June to the 31st of December 2017. For other worlds, please follow the links in the main World History article

World History

Throughout the history of the world two factions had tendencies to brawl it out with one another using whatever vices they had the capabilities of grabbing on to. IronStone and the unnamed but known group of bounty hunters and bandits that traveled through the world pillaging what they could and the defeaters and well known controllers of the end. it seamed to be that in the end IronStone had disintegrated away from the server although remains of the once known faction can still be seen today on the server looking for the next best faction.

Notable Dates

  • June 1-10th: "The People of the Cake" is first formed by The_Bread_Pirate and a few other friends. In the coming month, they finish The "Holy Cook Book" and also proceed to build forts around the map as places to aid people.
  • June 17th: After the People of the Cake finished constructing several pitstops in Ironstone's Nether Highway the leader of the Clan, The_Bread_Pirate, abruptly committed suicide with a Bow and Arrow. This effectively ended the clan.
The Death Message

Overworld Map and Build Coordinates

Build Description Coordinates
Spawn (Protected Zone) 0, 0
Privat was a town with gardens walls and its very own end portal located right beneath it, however was very exposed and later in the world was broken apart exploded by traps and left to rot in the dying world 28. 312, -2194

Nether Map and Build Coordinates

Build Description Coordinates
Netherspawn 0, 0
Anything added to this list before the map reset will probably be griefed - you have been warned. x, z


World 28 was ended on the eve of January 5th 2018. This concluded the life of world 28.