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The WorldMap Project is a clan dedicated to creating, filling, and maintaining a map of the current world using in-game map items. The clan was founded in late November 2016 by pokepeople01, during World 26.

While the WorldMap Project members are the ones who create the map, anyone who is interested in doing so is always free to contribute.

Current Members

While anyone is free to contribute to the ongoing World Map, there is a core team of contributors who work on the project:



First WorldMap Project

The unfinished First WorldMap Project. December 12, 2016

The First WorldMap Project, which began in late November 2016, was the first WorldMap Project. It's goal was to completely map out World 26. However, it only reached roughly 31% completion and was not completed before the end of World 26. It could be found hidden underground on the edge of a village at roughly (-162, 2156).

Throughout its history it remained mostly unnoticed by other players. This is due to the fact that is was not publically on display, unlike later projects, due to the lack of time for which to set up an area to display the map, as the project started late into World 26. It's only contributor was pokepeople01.

Map zoom level: 4x

Map completion: 5/16 maps

Second WorldMap Project

The Second WorldMap Project began in mid December 2016, after the death of pokepeople01 due to an explosion from a trapped farm base. The goal of this project is to completely map out the Graveyard. The project is currently ongoing, however it is in the middle of an indefinite hiatus due to a lack of motivation to complete it. It's only contributor is pokepeople01.

Map zoom level: 3x

Map completion: TBA

Third WorldMap Project

The Third WorldMap Project began in early January 2017, at the beginning of World 27. It's goal is to map out the entirety of World 27. It is currently a work-in-progress, and can be found in a publically viewable open pit in the desert at roughly (500, -2200).

During the Third project, the WorldMap Project began to gain recognition by members of the server in-game, with several new members joining the project. The main contributors to this project are as follows:





Map zoom level: 2x

Map completion: 139/576 maps (as of 5/19/17)