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Medoria head.png Medoria
Date Joined: 2014?
Timezone: 24/7 EST
Playstyle: Builder / Terraformer
About Me: I like all things cute.

Bases and Creations

World 20

MedoriaWorld20 UnderwaterDome.jpg MedoriaWorld20 Rougeport.jpg
MedoriaWorld20 Cat1.jpg

World 21

MedoriaWorld21 Spawn.jpg

World 24

MedoriaWorld24 DuraMansion.jpg MedoriaWorld24 DuraMarket.jpg
MedoriaWorld24 DuraFishingHole.jpg MedoriaWorld24 DuraWaterfall.jpg

World 25

MedoriaWorld25 Spawn.jpg

World 26

MedoriaWorld26 Spawn.jpg

World 27

MedoriaWorld27 Spawn.jpg MedoriaWorld27 AsianCastle.jpg MedoriaWorld27 WorldFair.jpg

World 28

Frequent Build Mates