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United states Eastern Time Zone: Therokk is on most of the day on weekends and around 4-8pm on weekdays

Personality and Playstyle

Therokk Normally likes to kill when he gets a chance and travels very light weight he makes room to carry loot and supplies back to his base for storing and further use.He normally sits outside spawn or nether spawn looking for new people to kill or support on weather he likes them or not.

Bases and Creations

Therokk Has made several small bases on a nomad journey and never really settles in one place.He later joined DAS IMPERIUM and lived in there base as a permeant settlement and leaving his nomadic base's in the past.Therokk has helped make several known server structures like Noob town.He also has is own redstone engineering talents that range from grinders and generators.

Kills and Deaths

Therokk has only ben around for world 3 and died 3 times. His first was to a xrayer but he donated before it was revealed and started his 2nd life His 2nd was getting caught by a bunch of street thugs while on a scout mission and killed in a 3v1 His 3rd was a act of suicide by jumping of a tower

Therokk has several notable kills from setting up Ambushes and killing plain noobs. Notable kills

ScatCycle Killed on February 23, 22:28 GMT

Skiazo11 Killed on February 22, 14:20 GMT

Factions and Player interaction

Therokk Knowing friends in DAS IMP Joined them in about a week of the server and has ben a full fledged member with it being his only faction

Event participation

Therokk Competed in in the February PVP tournament and died on his first match of the 4th round 1 win from the semi-finals