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Location: California


Mainly only weekends, Pacific Time, any time in the evening.


I spent February trying to kill noobs. And I succeeded 4-5 times. Wasn't very fun, and I regret it. I might still kill you if I see you, but I'm not going to go out of my way to trick noobs. Now I'm probably going to pvp if I get decent at it, or just mine and sell netherwart.


None of importance.


In February I killed 4-5 noobs and Cachu. I saw Cachu and telum's names one day near my old base. I wrote the coords down, and left it for a while. I came back to the spot the next day when Cachu was on, and looked around. There was an exposed stairway leading to the surface, so I went down it and started sneaking. I found cachu AFK at a grinder, and killed him. I know it's not honorable, but oh well. It's hardcore.


Mainly just stupid shit like lag from my terrible computer from 2004. I also have lost a fight, and I lost a gentlemen's duel against Exiii.

Factions/Player Interactions

I play with fractal, the mod, and 3 other guys who aren't on very often.