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The Paul Empire is a nonviolent organization based upon helping those in need. Most resources, however, are expended on constructing the Paul Kingdoms in each world, normally constructed of cobblestone and torches. The Paul Empire's biggest fan is TheHamburgler.








Clan History

The Paul Alliance on Spring Break (on another server)

World 3

December 2011

txjimbob is at first the only active member, and decides to form an alliance with convicted x-rayer NKos13. avuong0119 and zantule head out together and establish a small base not far from spawn. It is at this time that avuong0119 commits the only murder in Paul Empire history. haegenschlatt spawns and walks in the wrong direction, falling into a ravine and dying of hunger. txjimbob donates and bunks with avuong0119 and zantule, where the first official appearance of the Paul Empire occurs. The Empire then allies itself with mcfluffykins and ThatsWhatSheSaid. After a brief meeting, avuong0119, txjimbob, mcfluffykins, and ThatsWatSheSaid go on noob-helping adventures, but are ambushed by convicted x-rayer fireballbren and DashDaddyD. avuong0119, ThatsWhatSheSaid, and DashDaddyD are killed in the process. Later, DashDaddyD donates and murders zantule at the old base.

avuong0119 then donates, so he and txjimbob return to the base at which zantule was murdered, gather supplies, and head for obscure lands. They come across a plains peninsula and establish a base, forming the first Paul Kingdom, consisting of the Paul Empire Castle and the Paul Empire Dock. mcfluffykins is invited over, who then murders avuong0119 and txjimbob, ending the Paul Empire for the month.

January 2012

avuong0119 is the first of the Paulites on the server, trying to scout out a base. He ultimately fails and logs on an obscure island. lil_spanyerd, a newer recruit, discovers a vacant base and begins to live in it, establishing farms of wheat and melons and collecting fish and diamonds. lil_spanyerd dedicates most of his time building the second Paul Kingdom, consisting of the Paul Bridge, several Paul Empire Shelters, and the Paulama Canal. After finally obtaining a full set of diamond armor, he dies from a large fall while trying to construct a large fountain. avuong0119, after a long hiatus, comes to lil_spanyerd's base and inhabits it, and shortly after is followed by txjimbob. avuong0119 has a brief altercation with an unknown stranger, able to escape unscathed. The base is then raided by an unknown party, so txjimbob takes to a small meth lab underground with 3 stolen brewing stands from an unexplained chest near spawn, receiving food through a small hole. Activity of the Paul Empire then ceases.

World 4

avuong0119 is again the first on the server of the Paulites as he establishes a base from spawn on an obscure peninsula. On this peninsula he builds the Paul Empire Port, the first trace of the Paul Kingdom. He is later joined by Elliott4119, a new recruit, and haegenschlatt. Elliott4119 is shortly killed by lava and haegenschlatt falls to a horde of zombies from a dungeon. Alone, avuong0119 continues to construct structures such as the Great Paul of China and the Paul Empire Observation Tower. He is later killed by xCoyote18, who was on a scavenger hunt for the Paul Empire.

World 5

avuong0119 and haegenschlatt venture onto the server together, immediately using boats to distance themselves with spawn. Landing on a shore at night, they fight off concealed monsters, eventually taking to creating bridges through the tops of jungle trees. Several falling deaths later, they exit the jungle and create a small base with a chest and small wheat farm near it. avuong0119 then finds a melon farm nearby, taking melons to transfer to the next world. Elliott4119 goes on unknown adventures, eventually comfortably surviving apart from the other Paulites.

World 6

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Notable structure include the Paul Empire Fountain, Paulama Canal, and Paul Empire Castle on World 3 (coordinates unknown). On World 4 notable builds include the Great Paul of China, the Paul Empire Port, the Paul Empire Observation Tower, and other structures within the walls.