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An island discovered and settled during World 6. First built upon by Borowse, LogicAndReason and others, and eventually taken over by TrumpeterSwann, BitShiftShadow, Moodh and JoeltheMole. At various times the Island was attacked by mcfluffykins, therokk, and eventually destroyed completely by hostimentum

Before it's destruction, it was the site of several large above-ground builds:

The Beginning

Borowse first created a base near to the Island, just off the coast, with automated farms. video here.

Shortly after, Borowse and LogicAndReason built a large Cathedral that came to be known as The Spire, several other houses, and a large statue of Borowse.

A short time later, Borowse abandoned the build and left the server, but others had gathered there to continue the work.

The Continuation

DEKMS built one of his Heroic Statues for robotdude59, and in the process of visiting the statue, stumbled upon The Island and captured screenshots. He gave the coordinates of his statue to mcfluffykins and therokk, who also came upon The Island, and griefed it.

Other players then gathered to repair the damage. The Island was completely restored, and even further improved upon. Additional houses and national flags were added, and extra domes into the Rapture build that BitShiftShadow was working on.

The Bookworm plugin was enabled, and TrumpeterSwann included a welcome message within the Spire, which read as follows:


Feel free to build with us! While mostly fixed, all griefing was provided by Therokk and mcfluffykins, with the (unintentional) aid of robotdude, who gave them coordinates to a base very near this one.

To those of you who have assisted in this build: my thanks.

To my fellow artists and builders: my encouragement.

To those who will never build: my pity.


At several times, a cheater came to the site to destroy things, but these changes were rolled back quickly.

Bad blood between hostimentum and BitShiftShadow meant that hostimentum came seeking him out, and the Island was again legitimately griefed.

A new series of repairs began, and it was during some of these repairs that JoeltheMole was also murdered by The Black Hand after he revealed in chat that he was at the Island.

The End


The End of the Island and destruction of almost all of it's builds came when hostimentum again came seeking BitShiftShadow. He burnt down the barn, and destroyed the whole of the glass dome of Rapture. He fought BitShiftShadow before running away to restock, and then killed BitShiftShadow whilst he was unarmed and unarmoured.

The Island was abandoned, and not long after, the World ended.

The Builds of The Island

Borowse' Base

Borowse' base was the first thing built near to the Island. It supplied armour and food for the building work.

The Spire

A large Cathedral built of stone. When Borowse left the server, he jumped from the Spire.

Borowse's Statue

A large statue of Borowse.

Logic's House

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Zacski1's house

A quaint little cottage just off through the forest. The house was decorated and fully furnished.


The Igloo

A small house built by BitShiftShadow and made completely of ice. The house was created by placing water blocks and waiting for them to freeze within the snow biome.


Rapture was the site of an underwater glass city dome, built by BitShiftShadow. The build consisted of a staircase down to the main dome, with three separate themed domes coming off, and airlocks to get into the domes from the water.

Swann's Library

An underground library built by TrumpeterSwann, and haunted by slimes of various sizes.

The Barn

The food and wool supply of the Island, containing sheep, cows, and a large supply of wheat.

Moodh's House and the Swedish Flag

The British Empire invades

JoeltheMoel built a large British flag to eclipse Moodh's swedish flag, and created Pumpkin Bro, to guard the island for all time. Moodh later burned down the British flag, and during hostimentum's attack, Pumpkin Bro was beheaded.

The Sky Fort

The Fort was built primarily by Conrad9, and had a piston-operated water elevator to allow the Fort to be cut off from external attack.


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