The Bread Pirate

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Bread Pirate's Skin
The Bread Pirate head.png The_Bread_Pirate
File:The Bread Pirate.png
Date Joined: 2017
Timezone: Eastern Time
Playstyle: Lawful Good?
About Me: Founder of POT-Cake, Nomad

The Bread Pirate is a player on HCSMP who is associated with The People of the Cake. His name is a play on words with "The Dread Pirate" from the popular novel/movie the Princess Bride.


A fairly cowardly PvP fighter that would rather opt for Diplomacy if given the chance. Despite claiming a "Lawful-Good" stance he doesn't have much of a problem with raiding other as long as he doesn't grief anything. He is very outspoken in the chat when on, even joining the Discord chat room to make discussion easier, although he's been quoted as saying, "The best time to be on is when there's only one person on, myself." This quote being associated with the fact he doesn't actually trust anyone but himself and finds the recluse lifestyle safer. The only exception to his rule of solitude is his interaction with Sergeant_BATMAN, of whom he knows very well personally.

His philosophy for disputes on the server tends to be a very Neutral one that says, "Anything Goes."

He always tries to help those in need, so long as he doesn't have to help them personally.

He sports a Red Coat with white trimming and gold lacing, not at all different from what would have been traditionally worn by Bartholemew Roberts, the colonial pirate. The skin he uses is actually custom to himself as he edited it from the original to look "Cooler" as he says. The hat he wears is a Cavalier and on his left hand, he has what seems to be a hook. In real life, he doesn't actually have a mustache.


Starting Small

At the very beginning of world 28 The_Bread_Pirate and Sergeant_BATMAN, a good friend of his, began their quest through the world of HCSMP. He managed to survive for 9 hours his first life upon which he was exploded by a rouge ceiling creeper. After buying a second life in June of the same month he made a promise "Never to die to another Sick-Joke." A promise of which he has kept to this day.

People of the Cake

After buying his second life he began to form the short-lived clan known as The People of the Cake which sought to bring aid to those in need through the art of cake. Within a week The_Bread_Pirate already had a working society including 5+ players, a bible known as The Holy Cook Book, an organized class system, an alliance with Iron Stone that allowed construction of Outposts on the Nether Highway.

Within this period the Bread Pirate constructed 5 different "crash-pads" for players to stay at during their travels that consisted of a Crafting Table, an Oven, a small mine, several copies of the Holy Cook Book, and of course Cake. Each crash pad also claimed the land around it as being part of the Domain of The People of the Cake, despite the fact that this was never backed up by any influence in the region.

There were actually numerous other construction projects from the clan during their month on the server, including an underground field know as "El Pastel", a ritual grounds for worshiping Cake, and 3 major bases of operation (One for Baking, One for Printing of Books and another for Hiding).

Along with its major accomplishments, it also set up many smaller outposts in the nether with cake and copies of the Holy Cook Book as well.

Despite its Mild Success and fame, the clan was disbanded upon the Suicide of The_Bread_Pirate. He eventually came to the conclusion that his life on the server was taking too much time from school and sports so he ended it in a planned execution.

Life Now

He still checks in from time to time and plans on returning eventually. Although as of late he's been really into Fallout. God Bless the Enclave Baby!