The Black Hand

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This article is associated with the third (and current) group to call itself the Black Hand. For other groups on hcsmp known by this name please see The Black Hand (disambiguation)

NMR and The Black Hand working together on a Noob Outpost, World 6

The 3rd Black Hand was a follow up of the second Dark Brotherhood. The leader, Xantemir, seemed to have stopped playing Minecraft. Two players, Scatcycle and Leo986, vowed to uphold the Brotherhood. Together they racked up kills off of fake Netherwart Trading. They were very lazy, so they would give coords right next to their nether base for people to come and trade netherwart. These people never made it out alive.

Back in a previous world, Scatcycle had met someone named Kibbles93. Scatcycle was saddened by the death of a friend so he headed to spawn to duel. He found Kibbles93 at the arena. Unfortunately, Kibbles did not want to fight Scatcycle, so Scatcycle merely gave him so diamonds and carried on.

This comes into relevance in the world where Scat and Leo were partnered, as Kibbles had befriended a large name. Scatcycle knew this, and talked to Kibbles about teaming up and killing Slightly_Insane. Slightly later didn't notice a ravine because he had xray on and promptly fell in it, right in front of Kibbles. Kibbles took the loot and realized he needed a new partner. He and Scat talked, and they came to an agreement. They shyishly met in the nether, both sure the other was going to try to kill them. Things worked about, and Kibbles was now a member of the small team, The Black Hand.

Kibbles was astonished to find the base filled with chests all over, all having signs above then listing the killed person above. He later brought Cartious into the base, who organized all the chests. It was a great accomplishment for BH to actually have stuff organized. They used their Single Large Spider grinder to achieve things like Projectile Prot 1. They knew nothing about protection at this point.

Hostimentum, an idiot with a bounty of over 50 diamonds, later joins Black Hand. Leo and Scat had decided they only wanted to kill him for his 50 diamond bounty, but at the last second they decided against that. Black Hand slowly grew.

Today, Black Hand is arguably the strongest clan on Hcsmp. They have the record for most amount of kills in 3 months, even exceeding 250 kills in one map. They have many strong members who duel all the time, such as Scatcycle, Justintb97, and Insane_Avenger. Although they are very strong, they don't really care much about happens in this video game, which explains why almost every BH base gets leaked at some point. Contrary to common beliefs, they are actually really nice people. It's a shame that enjoyment of PVP makes you look like a prick in MC.


  • Scatcycle (Leader)
  • Kibbles93 (The guy who sucks at PVP)
  • Justintb97 (The naked girl)
  • InsaneAvenger (Obvious Hacks)
  • Hostimentum (Griefer)
  • Foab (League Player)
  • Cliffnerd5 (Noobkiller)
  • TheSmallBones (Canadian)
  • Whoaman (Stellar Speller)
  • KingJames333 (The Builder)
  • Fractal13 (The Marijuana Smoker)
  • Cartious (Just had Sex)
  • Brodakk (BH's Meth Cook)
  • D0uble3dmin (Inactive)
  • Leo986 (Inactive)
  • Badhitman008 (Inactive)
  • ThePersianRug (Inactive)
  • Ahalcro/Shady_Assassin (Obsessed With League)
  • Adoxgraphic/Evosphere (The Piggy Bank)
  • DjArtifact (The Brother) Banned for using a Hacked Client
  • Renegon123/Papaluigi (The Alter)
  • I_B_God (The Hacker)
  • Djmixerbox (Hacker killer)
  • Ryanrolls (The Holder of Secrets)
  • GeneralKeunig (The idiot)
  • Chubykid (The Fat Kid)
  • Patamonsterz (The Kid who Can't Spell Pasta)
  • Brad_Marchand (The Midget)


  • Team Gnarly

The Black Hand have been known to work alongside other factions such as NMR, on the occasional project.