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Telum12 was a moderator on the server, promoted to the position in the second wave of moderator promotions.

That Telum Guy
An Obelisk

He serves the faceless god and does not get killed, the only exception is when sacrificed to the faceless god for the summoning of the great Czshu. Telum enjoys building Obelisks for the Faceless God.

He first started in the end of November where he was chased by Random902 but escaped with combat logging. After the reset to World 3 he teamed up with a player name Yttriumz. They built an Inn above ground and a huge mine with spiral cases 20x20 down to level 12. Then 12 consecutive strip mines spanning one thousand blocks to the north and south. He also joined nebtown along side Yttriumz and Psychobit(gmxgeeks alternate account) on a hunt for liljm0ney and his friends. Picture of this event and the Inn can be found here

Soon after the peaceful life of building became quite boring for him so he ventured to Spawn, scared shitless of being ganged. Soon he got to know Cachu, Moodh, lewbot and many others through building Newbtown 1.1 and then started basing with Moodh. Later Newbtown 2.0 was built and cachu became czshu and at that point telum12 became a loyal servant of the faceless god, sacrificing a couple of newbs to his cause. Images of Newbtown 1.1 can be found here, taken by JoeltheMole who later became a member of DAS IMPERIUM who gained infamy for their spawn killing (even though not all members take part in it).

After World 3 Telum12 based with a lot of people. Those people were Cachu, Moodh, Futhermucker, LogicAndReason, Jonz00r, djmixerbox, Conrad9, BroBuzz and others. Later he joined the rebuilding of NMR which ended the same day he asked Cachu to kill him. That event created a butterfly effect which ultimately devastated the NMR.

On 18th April (the day after he asked Cachu to kill him) he resigned from his moderating position and left HCSMP.

He posted this as his reason to leave: "The main reason is that I have finals which gave me the realization that I am not spending enough time on my education nor old hobbies like programming and physics. I have also become quite jaded of the HCSMP experience, getting near to naught satisfaction from playing. Most often my time is spent in dealing with drama among other things(sometimes I argue with you guys but I never taken it personally, except if someone is being a total dick :P)."