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Don't be a Dick

In the competitive environment of HCSMP, there is expected to be a fair amount of taunting, needling, and other "trash-talk". We are primarily an adult server, but please be aware that racism, sexism, bigotry and harassment are not allowed. This will be at the staff's discretion, but if we feel that you are taking things too far we will warn, mute, kick or in some cases ban you. Please note that we also have some young members in our community - would you really want someone to talk like that to your little brother or sister?

Hot topics such as religion and politics can be very divisive. If you can discuss these sensibly, please do so, but we will step in if you begin to spam the chat.

Please note that speaking excessively in ALL-CAPS is annoying. You will be warned, and possibly kicked out.

In regards to other in-game dickery, "Carry on, soldier". You are allowed to steal, grief, lie*, cheat*, betray and murder each other to your heart's content, but keep in mind that your victims can (and will) add bounties, then hunt you down and kill you. Your actions can have long-lasting consequences, and you may have a hard time surviving the month if you annoy too many people. There's a good chance they'll remember you, and do it again next month while you're trying to sneak out of Spawn.

* Please note that lying and cheating each other is allowed, but never to administrators or moderators. On occasion we may need to question you in private regarding your activities, and at these times we expect the truth. Cheating is further defined in the next rule.

Above-ground buildings don't often last long here, and it's an amazing thing to find one in good condition on the surface. Please build anything you'd like, although the following may get you some extra attention from the staff:

  • Nazi shrines or symbols
  • Giant Lava or Water Walls
  • Any build that impedes or limits players entry or egress from spawn (i.e. a wall around spawn)
  • If anything you build causes the server any problems we will remove the build, and we will be asking the builders some questions.

The posting of other people's personal information in public is included in this rule. It is VERY easy to find people's information online. Taking that information and posting it, or spreading it further is a bannable offense. If you value your privacy, let other people have theirs.

Encouraging other players to or providing other players with the resources to break the rules falls under Don't be a Dick.

Arguing with a staff member's decision

Moderators and Administrators must make a lot of judgement calls in their day-to-day duties. We review all evidence and then must make a decision based upon that. Sometimes we'll rule in your favour, sometimes not. During these times we're not deciding because we want to be unfair to you, but because we have to decide on what we think is most fair to everyone involved.

Once a decision has been reached, that decision is final, and continuing to bug us will only serve to annoy us and will likely work against you. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and other people's cases are none of your concern.

This rule does not include things such as ban appeals, which you can make here. If we have already rejected your appeal, the chances are that constantly re-appealing is going to bug us.

No Cheating, or abuse of exploits

"Cheating refers to immoral ways of achieving a goal. It generally applies to the breaking the rules to gain advantage in a competitive situation. The rules infringed may be explicit, or they may be from an unwritten code of conduct based on morality, ethics or custom, making the identification of cheating a subjective process." - Wikipedia

We've tried to to be fairly specific with what you can and cannot install or exploit in the lists below. If you're unsure whether you should be using or doing something, please ask, and we'll let you know.

Client Modifications

You should not use any modifications that allow you to do something that you wouldn't normally be able to do in order to gain advantage over other players.

The following things are explicitly prohibited on this server:

  • The use of any hacked or hacking clients.
  • The use of texture packs that have been modified in a way to see through blocks.
  • Any kind of chat-spamming modifications.
  • Minimaps or Radars that allow you to pinpoint the location of players or mobs Voxelmap includes a radar, but it is not enabled for players on this server).
  • Using kill-auras, extended reach, or strength or speed modifications.
  • Flying or regeneration (automatic healing) modifications.
  • Diamond, Nether Fortress or Stronghold locating programs (why not have a search, if you really can't find a fortress or stronghold, then ask or trade for the information? We're playing on multiplayer for the sociability and competition, it's supposed to be quite a bit of work. If you want it to be so easy why not play single-player?)
  • Macros or scripts that do not comply with the "one button press must equal one action" rule of thumb.
  • Macros or script that allow you to do things not normally possible (eg. sneak toggle that lets you use chat or access containers such as chests or your inventory, all while in sneak mode).

There is a list of plugins that are recommended by some of the server Administrators and Moderators. Using mods not on this list is allowed as long as they don't violate the rules above. It is recommended to ask an admin if using a mod you are unsure about is allowed.

Abuse of Exploits, Spawn protection, and killing new players

Mis-using exploits or glitches is a bannable offense.

If you use an exploit or glitch to gain unfair advantage you will be banned. Some examples of exploit abuse are stacked tnt minecarts and pearling onto the nether roof. If you are not sure if an exploit is considered unfair post on the forums or ask an admin.

Spawn and Netherspawn are protected zones where PvP is disabled. Pushing other players outside of these areas, or causing them to be pushed through use of mobs or any other method is prohibited. Anyone found to be pushing other players out of no-PvP zones will be banned.

New players are given 60 minutes of Campfire protection. Tricking them into removing their campfire protection so that you can slaughter them, or killing them through use of TNT, gravel/sand, drop or lava traps is against the rules. Players under campfire may not grief works by other players, at the discretion of an Admin. If a new player terminates Campfire protection of their own free will, they are fair game.

Raiding hidden chests or bases that you have seen through world-errors, slow world loading, entity count, spamming the fog key or using quit/join to cause the world to reload and see players or entities is considered to be an exploit.

Glitching onto the Nether Roof is considered an exploit.

If you find that you have seen a base or player through a world error and dig straight to it we will not be able to tell the difference between that and an xray or radar hack, and you will likely be banned for it. In cases that you have seen a base or other such unviewable item, the best action is to continue doing what you were before you saw it.

No Alternate Accounts, and No Proxies or VPNs

You get one life, on one account. HardcoreSMP is like Single Player Hardcore Mode, but with all of your friends (and enemies) invited to share it with you. This is the HCSMP Secret Ingredient. You can build a legacy, hermit in your mountain or under an ocean, become a super-hero or villain, but you can only do it twice per month.

Alternate Accounts

Pick which account you'd like to use and please stick to it, or risk getting banned on all of your accounts. We understand that the odd mistake happens, where you accidentally log in with the wrong account, and that's fine, but please let us know. Don't be tempted to resume your old life when your time with us is done - a death ban until the start of the next reset is much shorter than a permanent ban for 'alting', and in the mean time there are list of stuff you can do if you want to stay involved before you respawn next deathban reset.


If you really want another shot, a $5.00 minimum donation to the server will buy you a single resurrection (to be used during the current deathban period) and all of the donator perks (which stay with you forever), but you have to start from spawn again, punching trees and tightening your belt while you search for food.

Rememeber, this can only be used to respawn twice per deathban period, but donations are always welcome, and greatly appreciated! Each donation, regardless of amount, will give you one revive.

Sharing an IP address?

If you are legitimately sharing an IP address with someone, please let us know on the forums, here. We will investigate your reports.

Proxies and VPNs

If we find you to be using a Proxy or VPN and using additional alternate accounts on a separate IP address, you will be banned on all of your accounts.

Don't complain when you die

We love to read your stories on the subreddit or forum, but hardcore-mode means that when you die, you lose everything. It's harder than single-player hardcore-mode because of the resource depletion and other players, and that's how we like it.

Starving to death in the first couple of minutes isn't a fun way to go. Learn from your mistakes and try again next month, or insert $5.00 and redeem for another go now (twice per deathban period 4 per month). In the mean time, please read the newbie guide to figure out what you did wrong - there is a lot of useful information there.

Have fun

"Minecraft is serious business."

As addictive as this server is, remember that it is just a game. It's fun, but it won't help you with your exams or your job.

Have a break occasionally, and if we're unlucky enough to have some down-time that's really a great chance for you to get something else done while we're trying to get the server back up and running for you.

We also know that glitches and roll-backs can be really frustrating. Believe us when we say that it's a lot of work for us, too.