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Sephirothskr is a player on the server who can easily be identified by his signature black coat.

Sephirothskrs Coat

Life and Death

Sephirothskr has experienced 3 deaths on World 7 so far. The first was being killed by "XMopx". The second death was server lag that caused him to fall into lava, and the third was an x-rayer that broke into his base slaying him on the spot.

Contributions and Notability

Sephirothskr is for the most part, peaceful. He does not seek out enemy players. However, if another player comes close to his secret abode he will not hesitate to guard his precious home. Sephirothskr tries not to grief as much as possible, he wants to keep the welfare of the server and terrain as beautiful as possible. He is known for not venturing past 2000 blocks from spawn, and seldom sees players. After his confrontation with xmopx, about a month later, he found himself with a hatred for him and sets up signs everywhere warning him that if Sephirothskr spots him, he will kill him.

Friends and Allies

In the first life, (The first time he was alive) Sephirothskr formed a coatlition of 4 people (counting himself). The users were as follows: Mayster101, LightningxKira, Matty0682, and of course, Sephirothskr. It is unknown whether they are still working together.

Current Life

Sephirothskr continues to stay in his home keeping an eye out for others, he often ventures out during the night and is rarely seen during the day. The black coat surely gives him camouflage and would be difficult to see at night. rumors are he has golems following him at all times.