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sconix is a nice player who plays a lot. He has played since December, when he saw a reddit post about the server.

Location and Play Information

sconix is from the Eastern Standard time zone, but can be found playing pretty much anytime, depending on how tired he is. He's always on the IRC when his computer is on, and is on TeamSpeak most of the time.

Personality and Playstyle

sconix is a nice person, and usually will not attack someone if he sees them in the wild. He likes to help new server members and give people free things.

Kills and Deaths

sconix has died a lot, once by starving, twice by lava, five times by player kill (his murderers have been a person whose name he can't remember, hostimentum, xCoyote18, and cliffnerd5, who has killed him twice.) He has a total of six kills to his name.

Factions and Player Interaction

sconix enjoys living by himself, and only started basing with others on Map 7. In June, he stayed with Damage Inc for a couple days, until the base was x-rayed and evacuated. In July, he moved in with Invicta and stayed with them for most of the month.

Event Participation

sconix has participated in the first and second Hunger Games, but he died early on in both of them.