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Savoie is one of four admins and the founder of the server. He can be found on the server using the account TheOtherSavoie sometimes, when he wants to play vanilla.

Savoie with friends


Savoie lives in the United States.


He likes to make / mix electronic music, enjoys art and graphic design and is also a fan of lacrosse.

Easter Eggs

Savoie likes to leave little Easter Eggs around the server.

Savoie has also been known to enjoy torturing the odd player, including Moodh, and making the odd appearance as Herobrine to new players.


Savoie enjoys building, and has created the following:


Savoie's current skin is Slenderman, the character from the popular youtube series, Marble Hornets.

In the server

Savoie will play on the account of TheOtherSavoie occasionally, and does not live with anyone. He died from a zombie in the month of April with the last words of "cant believe i made it out alive", after making it out of a deep cave system with no armor or tools.