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SameAsMuli's skin

Having joined HCSMP during World 3, SameAsMuli is one of the more reclusive players who watches the events of the server with interest but rarely chooses to meet others, instead preferring the challenges of isolated survival.

Location and Play Information

SameAsMuli lives in East Sussex, England, and is usually online between 18:00 and 23:00 GMT weekdays and at various points throughout the weekend.

Personality and Playstyle

On the whole SameAsMuli tries to avoid coming face to face with other players but is known to give general supplies to new comers should he come across them. He also attempts to answer any queries he sees in the chat.

Bases and Creations

Despising the nomadic lifestyle, SameAsMuli builds bases as soon as possible. All of them are subterranean, around 1,000-2,000 blocks from spawn and hidden as much as possible. They always contain a larger than usual farm (containing a variety of foods which are self-harvesting if possible), a moderate storage room, enchanting room and access to multiple strip mines. Aside from that he has made little to no impression above ground with the exception of leaving various signs at particular points of interest.

Kills and Deaths

SameAsMuli has died three times since joining, two being due to fall damage. The first was during exploration of World 3 when he jumped from a tall cliff and missed the pool of water below. The other was just before the start of January A-Level examinations and in a vain bid to avoid minecraft related distractions, he committed suicide by throwing himself from the tallest mountain he could find. The third death was at the hands of InsaneAvenger when, in a most uncharacteristic move, SameAsMuli agreed to a duel. SameAsMuli has no kills to his name and aside from the fight mentioned earlier, has only ever engaged in PvP combat once. This encounter was with the player aidantristan. Both SameAsMuli and his combatant were duelling with no armour and stone swords on the boundary of spawn until Brad_Marchand_63, dressed in full diamond armour, intervened. Brad_Marchand_63 killed aidantristan and severely wounded SameAsMuli who was forced to flee for his life.

Factions and Player Interaction

Whilst spending most of his time alone, SameAsMuli is known to have a very strong allegiance with Jonny00707 whom he knows IRL. He has also taken the player wishwashing into his home back in World 3 although the base was raided soon after and wishwashing was killed during the struggle. SameAsMuli and Jonny00707 have also had a brief encounter with an unknown clan who were collecting bounty on a player the pair had cornered.

Event Participation

SameAsMuli has not participated in any server events to date.