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Robpm88 is a player who hails from the emerald isles of Ireland. You can find him online somewhere most of the time.

Rob will generally attack anyone he sees on sight. You can also find him at spawn helping noobs occasionally.

Rob is known for living a nomadic life with his co op partner Snapxback. In recent months however Snap and himself have settled down in a base due to the founding of their clan Team Gnarly.

Rob has killed some noobs and some more experienced players with his trusty companion Snap.. Current kill count is 4 people.

Due to numerous conflicts of interest with many people in the server Rob decided to set up a clan called "Team Gnarly" compiled of members from Rob's personal server "The Nebulous" as well as some members from the "Blockception" server.

Rob is the founding member of Team Gnarly, a HCSMP clan.