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Location and Playstyle

Robotdude39 lives on the west coast of Canada. He plays whenever he wants, and his time is not limited. He is active on the server. Robotdude39's been playing since November, and has donated 10 dollars.

Personality and Playstyle

Robotdude39 is a friendly player. He likes to make more friends, and allies for his team, and is always ready to help noobs. That being said, he isn't going to let you attack him. He is a fierce PvPer when he needs to be one. Advice if you see him, don't attack him, and do not approach him. If he approaches you, he won't kill you until you prove yourself worthy of his blade. He isn't a lone wolf, instead choosing to make a name for himself by making Team Spearhead, the largest known faction on the server.

Bases and Creations

He has only one good creation, and not many know of it. In the third world, he made a massive recreation of the tower of Mordor.

Kills and Deaths

He has been killed 3 times, and has 5 kills to his name. 2 are from the siege of newbtown.

Factions and Player Interaction

He is known for leading his own team, "Team Spearhead". It is the largest known faction on the server, and he boasts of it way too often imho. That being said, he is also wanted for leading a powerful faction like that. He is currently Whitelisted with DAS IMPERIUM (Not confirmed by DI or Robot, just a guess by myself). He often travels to spawn to meet with his allies. To put it out there, his known allies are:

CaptainCrimson's Crusaders



Fluffy's Cotton Pickers (FCP)

New Spawn Protection Force (NSPF)

Event Participation

Robotdude39 participated in the PvP tournament, and the Siege of Newbtown, being valiantly beat by Lewbot in the first round of the PvP Tournament, and scoring 2 kills in the siege.

Robot's Withdrawal

Robot felt the need to stop playing on HCSMP so he could tend to other, more urgent matters. On his last day, he wanted to go out with a bang, so he challenged Adoxographic to a duel. Although this duel was extremely laggy because of the low tick-rate, Robot took the lead. Frightened of dying a "scrub's death", Adox pulled out a diamond sword when Robot was about to deal the finishing blows, killing Robot in an instant.