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Nomad Archer Assassin.

Starting off

I've read about the campfire plugin. Apparently I'm protected for a set amount of time when I leave the spawn area from PvP.

I'm going to tell the events chronologically, as you can probably tell.

Two generous people give me some bread, torches, wood, 2 nether warts, an enderpearl, and a diamond sword with a sharpness aspect of 1.

20 minutes. I have to get at least 2k blocks away from spawn in 20 minutes.

15 minutes. This is looking grim. I'm barely 500 blocks away.

12 minutes. I have to log out for at least 8 minutes in order for the sun to rise so I can continue.

10 minutes. Logged back in. I've found that using a boat does not drain hunger, so I've took to the sea.

9 minutes. One of the generous people PM'd me about giving him my coordinates so his friend can give me items.

8 minutes. I'm assuming that I'm getting lured by the two generous people. I'm going to give them fake coordinates.

5 minutes. The speed of boats is amazing. I've made it 1.5k blocks out already.

3 minutes. It's getting dark again. I have to log out for another 8 minutes.

2 minutes. My client is glitched out, I have to restart the whole damn thing.

1 minute. I've made it to land, but it was a mountainous island. I quickly made my way over, and back into the water.

Expired. I was in the middle of the ocean when this happened, so I was safe.

Gaining rhythm

Night quickly fell as I saw a glimpse of land, or so I assumed. It was a small swamp biome island, so I went to work and got a few logs. I then dug down and made my first shelter. I dug out some gravel, hoping that I would find some flint for arrows.


Dead. Assisted suicide.