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Joined HcSMP: About a week before end of June

Map 7 Experience.(aka Base 1)

Joined after reading the Newbie guide so had some idea of how to survive and prosper.I happily started finding a spot to build.This first spot gave me enough for the basics and then Ezziot happened to pop up on the server.Ezziot had killed me on Hc Factions so I messaged him asking him to team up. Our first base was located out in the wild beside some structures. I happily tended my crops until I discovered someone had moved into the neighbourhood. I raided them and fled the scene.

Base 2.

This one has been more productive as I went raiding and found multiple bases.These raids provided me with the essential reeds to start enchanting.I am now fully self contained and only rarely venture out to raid or help out some new players that I know.However I am quite keen to get some kills under my belt so this will change shortly.


I like to lone wolf and test potential team mates to ensure they can survive.I have no patience for noobs that don't try before they beg.If you ask nicely I may change my mind but this is Hardcore for a reason.I am not a wanton killer so don't be afraid to wave if you see me.

Deaths = 5 so far =(. Used up my summer slaughter for goddamn cave spiders so need to learn that lesson.Currently waiting for new month so I can see if my base is still there.