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RastaSh33p first joined around April 2013 with his friends SixTwoZer0 (a.k.a Pontus) and Danny, causing the server to enter the Pontus age. It's not sure when RastaSh33p joined the moderator team, probably somewhere after his 6 month ban.

The Pontus age

After the first season of Pontus' HCSMP let's play the IP address of HCSMP was made public to the Dutch viewers. This caused a huge spike of Dutch players (later named "the big Pontus bang"). A special chat channel was created for all the new Dutch players, in an attempt to save the non-Dutch players from the chat spam. More friends joined the Pontus gang for the coming year many of which originated from the friends group called TSC (The Survival Collective). the increase of Dutch players asked for new bilingual moderators. the staff team decided to recruit ktdng, who later became an admin. no one knows what happened to ktdng, people speculate that he went looking for pirate booty. Shortly before ktdng joined the admin team Foxitude asked RastaSh33p to join the moderator team. The Pontus age slowly died out when Pontus quit recording new episodes and eventually decided to end his succesfull youtube channel. here and there a stray Pontus fanboy can still be found, these players can be recognized by sentences like: "IS PONTUS ER?", "WAAR IS PONTUS?" and "PONTUS PONTUS PONTUS".

The ban

RastaSh33p has once been banned for xray for the duration of 6 months. This happened on his first map, after his friends had died. He used pistons to push tnt into his head causing him to gain xray vision. Thankfully, the newly recruited admin and very handsome "Moodh" was there to bring this criminal to justice.


RastaSh33p has multiple playstyles. some maps he lives underground like a hermit, some maps he'll make builds aboveground (he's a big fan of draining pieces of the ocean with his good friend Klaasjan, probably because of his heritage) and some maps he likes being an asshole and killing other players. There have been maps where all of the previously mentioned boxes were ticked.

Friends and names

RastaSh33p has built many alliances over the years, but his most trustworthy partner is Klaasjan222 (a.k.a Poliepeppie).

RastaSh33p has also been known as: "Knekkerpeppie" and "Godverdorie"