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Location and Play Information

Time zone is Atlantic Standard Time (AST), which is EST +1; he's from eastern Canada.

Personality and Playstyle

A lot of Random's time is spent doing admin stuff, but before that he was heavily involved in PvP. During the first /r/minecraft post where our server population had a steady influx of players and was full 24/7 he became a rampant killer, racking up over 60 kills in one weekend before the map reset. Currently he may kill you if he find you outside spawn (while on my other account), but normally won't unless you try and kill him or one of his mates.

Event participation

Random has organized most of the PvP tournaments on the server, and has won a few of them including the one on the 25th of February, 2012. He's also organized and participated in various PvP battles, such as the Siege of Newbtown.

Outside of Minecraft

Random is currently in his third year of an engineering degree. He's 6'4" and black, plays hockey and waterskiis (minus the black). Like any loyal Canadian he loves poutine, Schooner beer, Alexander Keith's and maple-leaf pattern boxers.