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Pokepeople01 in front of an unfinished map wall. May 2017

Pokepeople01 is a player on HCSMP that has been active since World 26, as well as in the Graveyard and briefly during World 11. He is the founder of The WorldMap Project.

Personality and Playstyle

Pokepeople01 tries to be a decent person while playing on the server, rarely attacking others (and never without reason). He can be often found online working on the current iteration of the WorldMap Project.


World 11


World 26

The First WorldMap Project, as of Dec. 9, 2016

During November 2016, Pokepeople01 rejoined HCSMP and began the First WorldMap Project (Then known as Project WorldMap), a would-be community project to map the world. However, the map remained hidden away in a small hole underground on the edge of a village due to not having the time to construct a proper location to display the map.

After much quiet work by himself, efforts towards the First WorldMap Project ended in mid-December after Pokepeople01 died to a small fishing hut trapped with TNT, leaving him unable to contribute to the unfinished project. This left the World Map without any others working on it, and it went unfinished.

World 27

The Third WorldMap Project, as of June 9, 2017 (prior to its destruction).

During World 27, Pokepeople01 began the Third WorldMap Project (The second being a map of the Graveyard) on a small island in an ocean in the northern part of the world. It would soon move another island, then to a desert south of that ocean for the rest of the map after the islands proved too small to house a large map on the surface. The project would receive help from various members of the community, becoming more complete than the previous attempt to map the world.

Most of Pokepeople01's time on the server during this map were spent working on the WorldMap Project or talking to others in chat.

Pokepeople01's base was located next to the WorldMap Project, and its entrance was connected to the map's viewing area. It acted as a public farm for pumpkins, wheat, and cows. While the base did contain a storage room, it maintained a constant 'can't steal stuff if you don't have anything worth stealing' policy, and did not display anything of particular value outside of utilities such as an enchantment table or anvil. However, the enchantment table's bookshelves and some mob heads donated by EspadaGrande were stolen on at least one occasion.

Pokepeople01 suffer numerous deaths throughout World 27, all from explosions. He also seemed to be a magnet for TNT traps, of which he died to twice: once on a mapping expedition in Ironstone after it was griefed and trapped by LikeYM, and once after a trap was set in Pokepeople01's own pumpkin farm. Luckily, the farm was rebuilt by other WorldMap Project contributors.

Despite wanting to not make enemies, near the end of the world, on June 15, 2017 a TNT trap destroyed the Third WorldMap Project's map wall, as well as over half of its maps while Pokepeople01 was putting more maps on the wall. He survived, but more than 120 of the then 202 maps were destroyed, and the remaining scattered on the ground. The remainder of World 27 was spent trying to piece back together the remaining pieces of the World Map, and remapping the areas of the maps that were destroyed.