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The shocking truth of NMR's Snow Golem Abuse

The New Minecraft Republic (NMR) was the largest initiative of it's kind on HCSMP. The idea for the clan came about during World One, and it began in earnest on World Two. The NMR regularly drew fire from other groups and multiple individual players due to their activity.

On December 7th (World 3) the NMR, with the aid of Nebtown fought FOAM, and lost several members in the process. Later on, FOAM were found to be x-raying, and banned.

However in January, following accusations of Snow Golem Abuse they slowly fractured; one of their leaders wanted to quit until the release of Minecraft 1.2, and another got bored of the endless drama that followed the largest group on HCSMP. The remnants of the NMR are currently playing Haven & Hearth, but doing very few notable things under the NMR banner. Others have joined other groups, are soloing or have quit HCSMP.

NMR and The Black Hand working together on a Noob Outpost

On 16th of March, 2012, Futhermucker came online and stated that he intended to raise NMR to it's former glory now that Minecraft 1.2 had been released and the server was again stable, but it wasn't until a nostalgic post in the middle of April (World 6) calling for a return to a better time that the NMR began to spread it's wings once more, with leadership from Futhermucker, Cachu and Conrad9. Several noob outposts were set up with the help of The Black Hand but after only a few days the group again faced setbacks. Members killed each other, died, and quit the faction.

Conrad9, still alive after all of the drama, continued to build with the members that had gathered together under the name NMR, with plans to start a new clan with similar goals, and none of the baggage associated with the NMR name.