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Personality and Playstyle

MTfilo generally doesn't try and go out of his way to kill other players, but if he see you and he feels that it could possibly threaten his location or life he will often try and kill you. Mtfilo has only been playing on HCSMP since March 3rd, but he has been playing on other hardcore servers for the past couple weeks. He doesn't consider himyself "a master of PVP", but he can get to the point where he can be able to kill most non-intense PVP players. He generally finds it fun to look for peoples bases, which he tends not to grief because he knows how irritating it is to come back and have all your stuff destroyed, but he may look for your chests!. He'll most likely try to stay out of the action until he's fully ready to fight toward the end of the month. He tends not to trust most players because this is a hardcore server! Also, he really dislike people who expect handouts, it's not that hard to get away from the spawn and get established!

Bases and Creations

Mtfilo's a relatively good builder, is pretty good with redstone, and his bases used to be really large (overdone), but now are small and compact. He is currently experimenting with traps capable of giving him and escape route or possibly killing them.

Kills and Deaths

Since Mtfilo recently got on to this server he has not killed anyone yet, but on his first attempt on this server he died from hunger (what a noob move right!) This was his first attempt at a hardcore server, so he decided to go onto HCfactions until the end of the month. Here, he got better at his PVP and start, but he soon found his self dying to his own idiocy and how aggressive he was, and combined with unfortunate lag spikes. He died about 2 times, one of those to lava, and the other to another player, and he realized that he shouldn't try and kill everything that moves. During that time he had about 10 kills, playing on one of his alts Dtourond. After losing his base in this server he bumped around a few servers until he remembered this one and came back on, right as the server was moving, so he was able to get food and get away from the spawn.