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Mowsh's player skin

Mowsh is a software engineering student and game designer from England.

He can be found on HCSMP at any time, and makes sure to check up on the server at least once a day. He can also be found on IRC 24/7 thanks to the Apotheosis bouncer, however if marked with "Offline" will only read messages PMed to him. He's also rarely found on TeamSpeak.

Mowsh is a fan of Apple, DnB, geocaching, MMO games and is a furry. In his spare time, he is often found working on his game inspired by Lost Magic DS.

Mowsh originally joined in December, after seeing a thread in /r/Minecraft in November. While looking for things to do at a LAN party with Indochine (A fellow member of Apotheosis) they decided to give HCSMP a go. After sprinting away from spawn, they were extremely lucky to find the remains of another player and still survive.

Personality and Playstyle

Mowsh is a peaceful player, he won't attack unless you grief his stuff or attack. Mowsh enjoys building and adventuring.

Bases and Creations

Mowsh's second base in May

Every now and then, Mowsh creates a thread on the forums with screenshots and general commentary of a tour of his base. Currently only two threads exist, but Mowsh hopes to create one every month, and a couple of extra threads for his "random" creations.

Kills and Deaths

Mowsh has died three times since joining HCSMP.

Mowsh's first death was in January, his fellow guildie Brunado was starving and had a creeper looking at him. Mowsh, standing next to the creeper, told Brunado to log off so he can make him some food and leave it in his place. Brunado logged off and the creeper changed its target to Mowsh, immediately blowing up and killing him. Brunado picked up Mowsh's food and later lost his life to a cactus with the last words "DIE CACTUS, YOU ARE MY MORTAL ENEMY".

Mowsh's second death was to lava while making an automatic wheat farm in his base in March.

Mowsh's third death was in battle against InsaneAvenger in April.

Factions and Player Interaction

Mowsh isn't a member of any factions in HCSMP. However he is part of the Alliance list. Mowsh prefers to live with his friends from Apotheosis, but has also housed Lil_Mac and Adoxographic before he was xrayed in May.

Mowsh has also stayed with TrumpeterSwann and is peaceful with a few players on the server:


Mowsh's character on WoW, wearing the Apotheosis "top hat" logo tabard.

Apotheosis (meaning to be promoted to the rank of a god) is a guild on World of Warcraft (Alonsus-EU). The guild consisted of players who all knew each other in real life from their school days.

Members of Apotheosis include:

Not all members play HCSMP actively, the most active are Mowsh, Brunado and Indochine.

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