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The Batmoodh

Location and Play Information

Moodh joined HCSMP during World 3 in mid December. Moodh lives in Göteborg, Sweden. He usually pops on whenever he feels like it. He became a moderator on 29th of March 2012. He was promoted to administrator on April 4th 2013.

Personality and Playstyle

For the most part Moodh is a friendly player, often helping new players by giving them food and supplies. Moodh is a decent survivor, even though he has died before by making silly mistakes.

Bases and Creations

Most of Moodh's bases start out as mines that he later turns into bases. telum12 joined Moodh at his base during the last weeks of World 3. In World 4 he built a base but later joined up with BroBuzz, Logicandreason and Conrad9 at their base. Moodh also rebuilt Newbtown together with a few other people during World 3, only to find it griefed a couple of days after.

He has spent the last couple of worlds building with TrumpeterSwann and his crew.

Kills and Deaths

Moodh is such a good guy that he never kills. He's also too good to die.

Factions and Player interaction

During World 3 Moodh joined up with Cachu, Lewbot, telum12, JoeltheMole and other people at Newbtown. There he gave out food to new players, helped rebuild, farmed and protected the place. 17th of January, Moodh and telum12 went out to look for Joe and Rich. After hours of watching videos and walking around telum12 found their igloo, Moodh joined up with him minutes later. Joe and Rich got scared and ran into the forest, Moodh and telum12 left chests with gifts for them and walked back to the igloo. Joe and Rich joined them after a while. This can be seen in Episode 21 of the Let's Play.

Since world 4 Moodh has been hanging out with TrumpeterSwann and the other big boys.

Event participation

Moodh was a spectator during the PvP Tournament in World 4. Moodh participated in the Hunger Games event on March 31st. He died pretty quick thanks to a bit of lag and a house that blew up. He was on the winning team in the Capture The Flag Event.