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Location and Play information

Michaelcade lives on the eastern coast of the U.S.A. When still alive he plays between 6 and 10pm, and has been playing on the server since early December.

Personality and playstyle

Michaelcade for the past months has always gone into the wild by himself. This has led to his death many times, with only one death actually being attributed to another player. Michaelcade tries to help as many people as he can no matter how far along they are in their HardcoreSMP experience. Michaelcade has recently started his own personal vigilante campaign against none other than the once good hearted, Captain Crimson vowing to kill him at least once in the coming months.

Kills and Deaths

Michaelcade has only survived through the entire month once on this server. In December Michaelcade died while running along an above ground rail line when an unexpected 4 wide gap appeared that he failed to jump. In January Michaelcade died after his computer crashed whilst swimming resulting in him logging back on the next day dead at the bottom of the ocean. In February Micaelcade went out in a blaze of glory after deciding it better to die via mob than starvation, unfortunately no mob killed him in time and he starved. March was the only month Michaelcade survived but this is mostly due to him not being able to play much and thus only had 3 diamonds at the end of the month In April Michaelcade received a Darwin Award for his ability to drowned himself one block from the door, after the currents from the tunnel he was digging kept him down. He would like to note that the currents were stronger than the nautical charts had indicated and warns others to avoid the area of his death.


Michaelcade is currently part of no fraction but is attempting to create a new one in May to combat Captain Crimson and his few allies.


Michaelcade has yet to participate in any of the server's events; though he is sighned up for a fist fight round against the Captain if he, as Michaelcade puts it "still has the cajones for it I will cough up 5 bucks to beat him"