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An "interesting" character that regularly appears on HCSMP, and is regularly muted, kicked or banned.

Most of his insults are aimed at himself, so the result is often quirky and hilarious, but only because of the sheer repetition and determination that Memetic demonstrates every single time he plays, often appearing almost deranged with the different personalities he shows.

Shit Memetic Says

On his weight

  • "I weigh 300 pounds in real life."
  • "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night screaming when I realise how fat I am"
  • "I'm 300 pounds and 29 years old"
  • "Crying for hours because I am fat"
  • "The trials and tribulations of a 300 pound man"
  • "300 pounds and 4 feet tall"
  • "Some people call me fat gabe"
  • "I am so fat, please kill me in real life"
  • "I am a huge fatass please kill me"
  • "I weight 300 pounds in real life. Jealous of obesity?"
  • "130 kg. And 1 meter tall"
  • "300 pounds of utter failure"
  • "A horrible 300 pound human centipede"
  • "I wish I wasn't so fat. It makes me cry"
  • "How many heart attacks can a fatasses heart take?"
  • "I am what the ancient mayans called 'a fucking fatass'"
  • "I need a hotkey for telling people my weight"
  • "So fat is should be a bannable offense?"
  • "I am so obese sometimes I pray that a serial killer comes into my room at night and stabs me."
  • "I am so fat I should be slaughtered like a goat"

On his sexuality

  • "<---- Fag for Life"
  • "I am a huge faggot"
  • "I am a massive faggot"
  • "My dad is so gay he punched me in the face when I was born"
  • "Who here feels happy when girls kiss them?"
  • "I am so gay when I walk down the street the cops start shooting at me."
  • "I can't understand why I am so gay."
  • "I am a total gay-wad"
  • "I don't understand my own gayness. Can someone help?"
  • "Mom, Dad, I'm gay"
  • "I have never kissed a girl and I am 32"
  • "My nickname is 'Major Faggot'."
  • "I am extremely gay, what do I do?
  • "I am gayer than anyone here."
  • "I am so gay there should be a law against me breathing"
  • "I am what the Egyptians called a 'fucking faggot'"
  • "I am one of the gayest people on earth"
  • "Now that I know you're a fag I can say 'we' now. Nosotros fagamos"
  • "I am so gay I should be executed in a court of law"
  • "Is there such an enchantment as Bane of Faggot?"
  • "I am what the ancient egyptians called 'a massive homo'"

On his mental condition

  • "Does anyone else here have autism?"
  • "I have Autism"
  • "I am a complete nutcase"
  • "I am crazy in real life"
  • "I am actually crazy in real life"
  • "I demand molestation."
  • "Sorry if I am bringing everyone down, but this obese monstrosity has to go"
  • "Sometimes I cry with my dick in my hand. Does anyone else here ever cry while holding their penis?"

Send in the clowns

  • "Has anyone else here ever been molested by a clown?"
  • "Is anyone else here so fat they were labeled as a clown sex offender?"
  • "Has anyone else here ever been raped by an actual clown in makeup and everything?"
  • "I have a question about clowns. Has anyone here ever been molested by one?"
  • "Well, a clown raped me once. Horrible clown rape."
  • "Rape my butt please. I really shouldn't joke about rape though. After all I was raped by a clown."
  • "Has anyone else here been literally raped by a clown?"
  • "It's easy. You call down the thunder, and I'll reap the clown rape."
  • "Does anyone else here know a clown?"
  • "inb4 rapist clowns find me"
  • "Has anyone else here ever been touched inappropriately by a circus clown?"
  • "I want to get raped by a mass of clowns"
  • "The music in this game reminds me of being molested in a circus"
  • "I was raped by a clown, so that's why I became one"
  • "People respect different things on this server. Personally, I respect a good clown rape"
  • "Bring me food or the clown gets it"
  • "Has anyone else here been full-on raped by a clown in the ass?"
  • "I love a good clown penis"
  • "www.clownpenis.fart"
  • "tabmonkey is now being raped by a clown"
  • "When a clown gets mad, he gets an erection"
  • "Has anyone else here literally spread their asshole and waddled backwards into a circus tent?"

You mad? and general trolling

  • "Why do people get mad?"
  • "Did you get mad?"
  • "Has anyone ever died in a jungle before in real life?"
  • "Guys, I found a natural portal in this cave!"
  • "Is minecraft based on a true story?"
  • "I am the new leader of NMR. Applications please. Jealous of my leadership of NMR?"
  • "When I eat in Minecraft I feel full in real life."
  • "Can you swim in lava in real life?"
  • "I saw a bobo rub its dingus and milk came out"
  • "Can I please have sex with your girlfriend?"
  • "Mad now?"
  • "If you have a urine fetish it is likely you have a tumour in your brain"

On the diet of a 300 pound man

  • "I just ate a ton of jalapenos last night and now I am shitting my brains out."
  • "I just pulled a piece of lettuce out of my ass."