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MUG806's custom-made skin.

Founder of The Alliance. Also known for Project Blow Up The World.

Skins and Texture Packs

MUG806 wearing the diamond gear from his custom texture pack.

MUG made his own "MUG" skin as well as Sef_Senatu's Inspector Javert skin. He also has made a texture pack which includes his own custom armour and tools, various alterations to some blocks, HUD improvements and a few elements borrowed from OCD pack (such as its redstone and an altered version of its block breaking bar.

MUG Pack for 1.2:


MUG can nearly always be found sharing a base with Sef_Senatu, and occasionally DrunkenMalkavian or Caelum_Nimmiel. He is of course, also friendly towards any Alliance members and will help them out if he can.