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Logicandreason's Skin

Logicandreason is a veteran HCSMP player, having played since the fall of 2011. Fulfilling a mainly supportive role, Logicandreason works with a vast network of allies towards mutual goals of helping noobs directly, or killing "bad guys" to help them indirectly. Over time some of these goals have degenerated, and the goal is as much about survival as anything. He was selected to become a moderator on December 31st, 2011.

Location and Play Information

Logicandreason hails from Astoria, New York, a neighborhood in New York City. Logicandreason plays from 5:00-9:00 PM EST on weekdays, and at random intervals throughout the day on weekends.

Personality and Playstyle

Logicandreason was one of the core members of the NMR, a group founded on the principle of helping noobs. Logicandreason is a conservative player, rarely engaging in fights. Over his months of HCSMP play, Logic has only died three legit deaths, to a spider and a pitfall trap and one to The Champ

Logic, coming to HCSMP after enjoying his time on several PvE and building servers, appreciates building flashy and unnecessary builds, such as the Gallery completed with the help of several of his team-mates.

Bases and Creations

Logicandreason has had an integral part of the creation of the NMR bases since his arrival to the server in November. He would often go ahead, without the group, to build bases to support the NMR foot-troops. With the collapse of the NMR, Logicandreason has also played a key role in designing his new faction's bases, (See factions).

His most recent creation, Art Gallery demonstrates his superfluous style in builds. During World 4, Logicandreason made 4 copies of the same base over the map, although 3 of them were raided and the last one disassembled to move to the new world.

Kills and Deaths

Playing a primarily supportive role, Logicandreason has few kills actually to his name apart from some during the late World 4 map, against noobs who he had tricked. He has assisted in the killing of numerous foes, most notably The Champ, one of the most prolific murderers in HCSMP history.

Because of his conservative playstyle, Logic has only died 3 times: to a normal spider, to a fall trap and to The Champ

Factions and Player Interactions

Logicandreason was, as mentioned, one of the key members of the NMR along with Jonz00r, Cachu, Futhermucker, ImpulsiveIngenue, xCoyote18, Lewbot, Djmixerbox and Derekdoom, to name a few. When the NMR collapsed, most of these players went their separate ways, but all are still allied with one another, if not only loosely.

Since the dissintegration of the NMR, Logicandreason has lived mainly with: Borowse, BroBuzz, Conrad9, Telum12, Moodh and Foxitude.

Event Participation

Logicandreason does not participate in events, chosing to livestream them. He is known for shoutcastin the Winter 2012 PvP tournament.