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Lissel's skin

Lissel is a Swedish relatively new Hardcore player who is philantrophous and will do his best to ensure the well being of others. Can be identified by his green eyes, his hazel sideburns or by his pink robe. The skin is homemade, using Newgrounds Skincraft Application.

Location and Play Information

Lissel is connection to HCSMP from Europe, Sweden. Plays for intervals inbetween 1-6 hours in the evenings, in the GMT+1 timezone.

Personality and Playstyle

Lissel is a gullible and naive but a very friendly player. Has the ambition to help noobs by handling out food, healing potions and iron at spawn. The Minecraft life long dream is to make a vessel which hopefully won't get griefed because of it's awesome beutifulness.

Doesn't won't fight people, he will run away from people who seem mightier or equally mighty. Although his friends Clint, Nagamash, Great_White and ZeBBzEbb will engage in battle whenever an opportunity is given.

Lissel adores tasteful griefing, not just pouring lava all over the place.

Bases and creations

Preferrably living in group and making projects with trusted friends, not so much has practically been made. Lissel is keen on redstone contraptions and in the January world his base had an auto-repairing smooth stone wall as well as a corner trap at the entrance. The February world featured an invasive and life-threatening minecart track leading to the nethergate as well as the exp-grinder. The grinder itself was also hooked up on redstone with a non-stuck mechanism and a on/off switch for the spawning chamber. Nagamash built an semi-automatic wheat, melon and pumpkin farm.

Among the notable projects is the March lobby using netherbrick+stone and a double-dorr pressure plate entrance. The March lobby is opposed to the February lobby currently missing a fountain, made by Nagamash.

Kills and Deaths

In the November world dying came quite instant, trying to build a house in the open only 400 blocks from spawn. Even though he was with ZeBBzEbb and was very friendly towards others a creeper without feelings hugged him at night.

In the December world Lissel, ZeBBzEbb, Mortinous and Clint got ambushed by a PK'r who killed half the group. Lissel then committed suicide at the 15th of December 2011. Bought a life this month.

In the January world 2012 Lissel ran to x=5555 y=0 and build a simple survival base in which survival was achieved for the rest of the month.

In the February world the gang managed to run to z=380 x=4950 where Lissel, Clint and Nagamash begun a project to build a boat. That boat was later griefed with lava, and only got saved partially due to Nagamash's quick intervention with a waterbucket. Clint died trying to remove a sourceblock of lava atop of the mast. Lissel and Nagamash went underground and begun enchanting for survival, but when Lissel was about to trade with Scatcycle, got ambushed in the nether. Bought a life this month.

In the March world resulted in a death very quickly by the player luckyboyblue. While just logging in and trying to get to the position Nagamash was, luckyboyblue appears in the early time mega-lag and starts to fight Nagamash. Lissel then terminates the campfire in order to help Nagamash. The lack of food brought from the previous world results in encasement in obsidian to survive, while Nagamash fights and throws steak through the wall. Realizing that fighting under these lag circlumstances can't end well Lissel starts running, hoping to get luckyboyblue to follow so that Nagamash could get away and also to loose the heat, since the lag was making it very hard to follow someone. Lissel manages to loose luckyboyblue and reunites with Nagamash, hiding in the junglebiome of -700x 700z. When preparing to log out in order to sleep, the very second Nagamash logs off Skype the hiding hole is torn apart and lyckboyblue starts attacking Lissel. Knows what will happen when one PVP-log Lissel tries to split them both apart with obsidian but unsuccessful due to the major lag. Nagamash then died later on, after falling down from a ravine underground.

Factions and Player Interaction

Isn't in a faction. Lives among the friends ZeBBzEbb, Clint, Mortinous, Great_White and Nagamash. Engaged in wart-trade with LogicAndReason and BroBuzz at February. Died to Scatcycle and his ruffian gang in a wart-trade in February.

Event Participation

Only great plans for the future.

How to get his favor

Inspired by the Cachu attitude, you can get the favor by helping and avenging the fallen noobs by killing their PK's or supplying them with materials to survive. Although because being fucked over sometimes Lissel sticks to the rule "Don't trust anyone".