Lil Mac

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Location and Play Information

Lil_Mac lives in NY and usually plays after 3PM depending on homework. He is an expert at Python (and taming snakes).

Lil_Mac's Skin

Personality and Playstyle

Lil_Mac is a genrally kind person who will not generally kill unless attacked. He will never kill noobs and always give them food. If you see him, Please leave him be ;)

Bases and Creations

Until January Lil_Mac had been making noob holes in which he starved in. In January him and Darkbishop23 head out and started to make nice small bases with farms and chest rooms that were raided. Nerdia moved into their last base in which they were invited to Join Nerdia next map. In February he helped create the Nerdia bases, the Mushroom Forest and made a satellite base in March. In April he was part of Adventures of the Trio. He now bases with Dicvodka and Quentangle

Kills and Deaths

In December Lil_Mac died of hunger twice and a skeleton the second time In January Lil_Mac died to borowse and xCoyote18 In Febuary Lil_Mac died to Exiii and Latrop In March Lil_Mac died to Lewbot and djmixerbox In duels In April LIl_Mac did not Die In May Lil_Mac did nnot die

Factions and Player Interaction

Lil_Mac has been a part of Nerdia since February and has lived with them since he joined, however in March he is not allowed to live with them for the first 2 weeks. Since Nerdia left, LIl_Mac Has not been with them on HCSMP

Event Participation

Lil_Mac lost in the first round of the PvP Tournament to xCoyote18 He also lost in the first round of the Spearhead vs DasImp fight. He lost in both Hunger games and was on the blue team for Race for Wool