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Lewbot's skin

Location and Play Information

Lewbot lives in the UK. Standard play hours are anytime between 10am - 11pm GMT. He is currently active on the server. Lewbot has been a player since the first day and is a Moderator.

Personality and Playstyle

Lewbot is a friendly player, usually willing to help starving new players. He isn't sworn off killing however and will kill those he finds annoying, a threat to his survival or those he thinks could give him a fun fight. He is a good survivor, having remained alive for the majority of the month each month.

Bases and creations

Most of the time a lone wolf, Lewbot's bases are usually the bare minimum for survival with all resources available. Among his creations are his World 4 base which can be viewed here and his World 3 "Creeper King" tower which can be found at X = 5000 Z = 5000.

Kills and Deaths

In World 1 Lewbot lived out the month in a small base with another player, he rarely ventured out and as a result got no kills that month. He was eventually killed on the way back from a spawn trade by a spawnkiller in the last few days of the month.

World 2 was slightly different, Lewbot became publicly involved with the NMR and though he didn't live in main base he participated in repelling attackers to it. Lewbot got his first kill ever on the server in the attack against the fort, he killed GoreCrafter by use of a lava bucket. Lewbot died once in World Two at that battle where he was attacked by 2 enemies and killed.

In World 3 Lewbot moved in with the main NMR and became much more involved in player interactions. He got his only kill of the world at the very end of the month, killing a new player who had stolen a lot of equipment from the first Newbtown. Lewbot survived world 3 without dying.

The start of World 4 saw the end of the NMR. Lewbot joined DAS IMPERIUM towards the end of the world and killed 6 enemies for them. He also killed both Brobuzz and CaptainCrimson in organised duels in the final days of the world. Lewbot survived world 4 without dying.

Factions and Player Interaction

Lewbot was an NMR member from the first week of it's foundation, however his involvement was kept quiet until the attack on the NMR fortress in World 2. This was done so he could collect information on rival groups. Once the NMR disbanded at the end of World 3 he joined DAS IMPERIUM and was instrumental in the weakening of Nerdia. Lil_Mac sold the Nerdia base coordinates for 20 blocks of diamond and Lewbot led DAS IMPERIUM there.

Event Participation

Lewbot participated in both the PVP tournament and the Battle for Newbtown, both in World 4.

He managed to get to the second round of the PVP tournament, killing robotdude39 and was on the winning team at the Battle for Newbtown.