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Location and Play Information

Local to Utah, King_Lem is usually on between the hours of 7pm and 2am (+7 GMT).


King_Lem is cautious around other players, players not wielding weapons are hailed more favorably than otherwise. Announcing your approach is also suggested to avoid hostilities. He is also willing to assist in any building projects if you ask.

Known Bases & Base Design

King_Lem's bases tend to be networked together to allow for easy escape between them. Any attempts to chase will be met with resistance in the form of various traps and false trails set up to slow or foil pursuit. Also set up to foil x-rayers, King_Lem's bases are frequently encased in lava. Though this makes them stick out from the background ores, this allows the base's contents to be concealed from all but the most persistent of invaders.

Otherwise simple in design, the bases build by King_Lem almost always feature a pool of some sort, to allow for fishing should the growth of crops be too slow to sustain hunger.

Kills & Deaths

No players have yet been killed by King_Lem, and he has yet to fall.

Player Interaction

Player interaction has thus far been minimal aside from the occasional trading of goods or request to assist in a build.

Event Participation

No known activity.