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Paparazzi shots of Joel, at the DAS IMPERIUM bath.

Personality and Playstyle

Joel next to a self portrait.

JoeltheMole started on HCSMP in November 2011 where he played mostly alone until February when he joined DAS IMPERIUM. JoeltheMole is normally a decent guy and doesn't like to kill people for no reason. If a player is being a bit of a dick or is just unreasonably stupid then he will probably want to kill you. JoeltheMole likes to have friendships with the reasonable people on the server and enjoys being part of a team. As of March, JoeltheMole is a mod. He has a weak spot for a certain girl named Moodh. They've been engaged for 3 months.

Bases and creations

JoeltheMole has mostly built very simple bases just for mining and growing food but has occasionally tried to build something more interesting. His most interesting creation was the Extreme Noob Lava Jumping course built on World 4.

Kills and Deaths

JoeltheMole has died many times over the course of the server's history, mostly due to his own stupidity. One time he was at a certain island and got pushed off a tower.

JoeltheMole has only killed a few players who have always been dicks or idiots. He has assisted DAS IMPERIUM in many kills of notorious people.

Factions and Player Interaction

JoeltheMole played alone for most of his HCSMP career while remaining friendly with as many people as possible. In World 4, however, he joined DAS IMPERIUM and helped with many hunts and with the construction of the famous DAS IMPERIUM base. He took on the de-facto roles of Minister of Propoganda, Imperial Guard and Reverend.

Event Participation

JoeltheMole is best known for being the creator of one of the most exciting events in HCSMP history, Noob Gladiators and also for the short lived event of Extreme Noob Lava Jumping.

He also took part in the Siege of Newbtown, fighting for DAS IMPERIUM.

IRC Champion

JoeltheMole is the IRC Champion!